Florida Woman Snuggles Pet Alligator Wearing Leather Jacket Against Her Neck

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: June 2, 2022
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This is a story about a pet that’s worthy of making FOX13 news. It’s not just any pet. This is a pet alligator.

You know how people call small dogs lap dogs? Well, this is a lap alligator, as described by its owner, a sweet lady who is fighting to keep her pet close to her.

Florida woman snuggles her pet gator, Rambo.

The news anchors introduce the story by comparing this pet alligator to a dog or a cat. You’d do anything for your beloved pet—and for this Florida woman, it’s no different. They describe how the woman is trying to keep her pet alligator as she works with the Florida Wildlife Commission to figure things out.

The alligator’s name is Rambo, and he is caught in a battle between the Florida Wildlife Commission and his human counterpart—the lady he’s come to know as his momma. There is a lot of fine print and paperwork involved, and they’re just looking to keep their bond.

As the video switches to a clip of an on-site news anchor interviewing the Florida woman, you can see that Rambo is very comfortable nestled up against his favorite human.

She is sitting on a chair with her leg casually crossed over her knee, and her arms wrapped around her pet gator. Rambo is dressed up in a cute leather jacket as he rests his head on his momma’s shoulder.

She makes her plea to the audience, asking that they reach out to the Florida Wildlife Commission and let them know that she loves her pet dearly and desperately wants to keep him.

She explains that alligators can become extremely ill and even die if they are exposed to high stress. This particular alligator has become accustomed to living with her inside her home.

Yup, you read that correctly.

She goes on to explain that this alligator is actually allergic to the sun. She rescued him along with four other gators and he is the only survivor. This unusual allergy to the sun makes it so that Rambo can’t regulate his body temperature, which can easily kill him if he’s left outdoors for too long.

As the camera zooms in on the gator, you can see his eyes calmly looking about as his body lays relaxed against his owner. The interviewer then asks about the living arrangements.

She explains that living with him is much like living with a child; simply, you become accustomed to all the quirks! In fact, Rambo is potty trained. When he has to go, he puts his nose against her leg, and she takes him outside!

She acknowledges it’s easy to make a snap judgment about her situation but finds that most people are compassionate once they hear their story.

Rambo is over four feet long and her property is less than 2.5 acres—which means she needs special permission to keep him. It’s an unusual story and yet, this woman and Rambo have a whole host of people on their side!

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