Flower of Life: Spiritual Meaning, Origin, and Symbolism

Written by Larissa Smith
Updated: July 25, 2023
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The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric shape recognized by many cultures throughout history, including Christianity, Muslim, Egyptian, Hindu, and many more. It gets said that it contains the secrets of knowledge and the universe. The Flower of Life is not just a pattern of history as its widely used in modern times. You may have seen the shape represented in tattoos, jewelry, and trinkets. But what is the Flower of Life, what does it mean, and what does it represent?

The flower of life can symbolize the interconnection between life, death, and your place in the universe.

Let’s look at this divine symbol and its meaning across cultures and religions.

What Is the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a geometric pattern consisting of 19 intersecting circles. Each circle is evenly spaced to reveal a striking pattern of overlapping even flowers. It is meant to represent all cycles of life, from birth to death to rebirth.

The belief is that flower-like structures are the key to unlocking the secrets of time and space — that the patterns are a sign of intelligent design that can also be found in nature, and it is evidence of a higher power. Throughout time, cultures have believed the Flower of Life is a tool for self-development and the connection between Earth and the universe.

The circle has no start or finish and represents oneness. You can observe this never-ending shape in Pi, the irrational and never repeating number.

Flower of life Black outline
The Flower of Life consists of 19 intersecting circles evenly spaced.

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Creating the Flower of Life

The Flower of Life starts with two identical overlapping circles. Two more perfect circles of the same size get added and overlap with the first two circles. The Fruit of Life patterns in sacred geometry consists of 13 independent circles and forms the base of the Flower of Life. This star-shaped pattern symbolizes atoms and other molecular structures. Continue to introduce circles until you have a total of 19. One large circle will bind them together, thus, creating the Flower of Life symbol.

shape of two overlapping circles
The Flower of Life begins with two overlapping, identical circles.


Spiritual Meaning

The Flower of Life’s spiritual meaning is life’s values and mysteries. Many cultures believe the symbol symbolizes all of creation and holds the answers to the universe. This is a universal concept that people across the world in the past and present are curious about. The symbol has perfect proportions representing harmony.

Another spiritual meaning of the symbol is the cycles of birth, life, and death. The first circle is the original position of perfection and the start of a new life. Then, as the circles intertwine and expand in perfect harmony, you find balance, regeneration, and the renewal of life.


Some of the oldest representations of the Flower of Life date back to ancient Egypt, as seen in the symbols painted on the monoliths in the Osirion. The ancient Egyptians took the Flower of Life seriously and used the structure for art and architecture. As a result, many believe these markings are 6,000 years old.

However, due to the positioning of the markings at Osirion, experts believe the image isn’t as old as the temple. Between the circles, there is evidence of writings or letter forms that appear to be Greek or archaic Greek. Since there was no alphabet 6,000 years ago, these letter formations could be from the 4th century BC.

Throughout the 7th century BC and on, the overlapping circles show in various historical artifacts, such as in the Roman Empire period and the middle ages. “Flower of Life” is a new-age name for the patterns, but different cultures called it other names. However, the meaning behind the pattern remains spiritual throughout.

You can even see renditions of the Flower of Life in Leonardo da Vinci’s work, the Codex Atlanticus, a collection of images and notes. Today, the symbol has a profound meaning across many cultures and religions.

Flower of life carved into a rock wall at Osirion.
The Flower of Life is carved into a stone wall at Osirion.

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While there are different versions of the Flower of Life, each one has a deep spiritual meaning throughout history. It can symbolize unity, balance, and the interconnection between life, death, and your place within the universe. This deep understanding of the image is said to expand your consciousness to bring you peace and calmness.

There is no definitive symbolism or meaning behind the symbol because each individual will conclude on their own what they see or feel. Some can experience a profound, deeply spiritual experience, while others may only see a bunch of perfect circles creating a beautiful flower.

Flower of life in the sky as holistic reiki sign.
The Flower of Life symbolizes interconnectedness with ourselves, others, and the universe.

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Modern Use of Flower of Life

Today, you can find the symbol in almost everything. You can see ancient and modern connotations in books, tattoos, jewelry, and ornaments. Some may wear the symbol to feel enlightened and have a sense of connection to everyone who ever was, is, and is still to come. It shows that they’re interested in the philosophy of the interconnection between all living organisms.

Some believe that it holds personal significance by reminding them of their spiritual journey and personal growth. In addition, it can evoke curiosity, peace, and inspiration as they incorporate it into their daily lives.

On the other hand, some see a beautifully symmetrical image that would look great as a necklace or mantle piece. Its visually melodic and mesmerizing pattern can evoke a sense of beauty and wonder.

As you investigate the origins and spiritual meanings of the Flower of Life, what does it say to you? That is what it means – whatever you want it to mean in your life! That’s the beauty of the Flower of Life.

Flower of Life symbol pendant amulet with sun shining though hanging outdoors with lot of copy space. Good luck charm.
The Flower of Life in modern uses includes tattoos, ornaments, jewelry (pictured), and many more.


The Featured Image

Sacred geometry in flower pattern shape on old paper texture
The Flower of Life symbolizes interconnectedness with ourselves, others, and the universe.
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