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Updated: October 17, 2023
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The fly is one of the most annoying insects. It buzzes around aimlessly, landing on everything in its path. However, the fly is also an essential part of the ecosystem. Flies act as scavengers, cleaning up rotting things in the ecosystem. Without flies, the world would be a very different place.

Have you been noticing a lot of flies buzzing around? Is a fly visiting your dreams? It could be a sign.

Read on to learn all about fly spirit animal symbolism and meaning.

Fly spirit animal infographic

Fly as a Spirit Animal

isolated housefly

The fly as a spirit animal means that you are hard working and adaptable.

© Jayasvasti

If the fly is your spirit animal, it means that you are an adaptable person. You are able to take advantage of opportunities as they come your way. You’re also a hard worker, not afraid of getting your hands dirty. This is because you’re incredibly resourceful and can make do with what you have.

Totem Animal

If the fly is your totem animal, you have a strong connection to the  natural world. You are in tune with the cycles of nature and understand the importance of balance. 

Fly Symbolism and Meaning 

The fly symbolizes change. Seeing a fly means you’re going through a transformation. The message of change is similar to the butterfly and moths. This transformation may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It is a time of metamorphosis for you. Let go of what is no longer serving you and make way for something new to enter your life.

What Does It Mean to See a Fly?

If you have seen a lot of flies lately, it may be a sign from your spirit guide. Pay attention to what is going on in your life and what the fly is trying to tell you. The fly reminds us that change is always happening. Be adaptable and go with the flow. Trust that you are being taken care of and that everything will work out in the end.

How to Interpret a Fly Dream?

Animals With The Shortest Lifespan

If you see a fly in your dream then it could represent something that is bothering you or that you are trying to ignore.


Dreams about flies can mean a lot of different things. Generally speaking, flies represent something that is annoying or bothersome. They might represent a problem that you are trying to ignore or something that is causing you stress. Alternatively, flies might symbolize something that is rotting or decaying. This could be a situation in which you feel trapped or stagnant.

A fly dream that involves water could be a sign that you need to let go of something that is no longer serving you. If you dreamed about a fly landing on you, this could mean someone trying to take advantage of you. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you are feeling exposed or vulnerable.

Was there violence? If you killed the fly in your dream, this could represent your triumph over a difficult situation. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you need to take action to address a problem.

Are Flies a Good Omen?

Flies are not traditionally considered to be a good omen. In some cultures, they are seen as bad omens. However, this is not always the case. It depends on the sighting and what you believe.

If you see a fly and it doesn’t bother you, then it is probably not a bad omen. However, if you are being bothered by flies or you see them in a place where they shouldn’t be, then it might be an indication that something is not right. No matter what, it is always important to pay attention to your gut instinct. If you have a bad feeling about something, it is probably best to avoid it.

What Does It Mean if a Fly Lands on You

It’s good luck if a fly lands on you and then quickly flies away again. According to some belief systems, flies are messengers from the spirit world. They’re thought to be able to deliver messages from our deceased loved ones or to offer guidance and protection. It’s also worth noting that different species of flies can have different meanings. For instance, houseflies are generally seen as positive symbols, while blue bottles are often associated with bad news.

Positive Characteristics of the Fly Spirit Animal

housefly on green leaf

Positive characteristics of the fly spirit animal including being energetic and adaptable.


The fly has a lot of positive characteristics as a spirit animal. Which ones resonate with you?

Here are the positive traits of fly energy:

  • Poised
  • Clean
  • Balanced
  • Adaptable
  • Energetic


When the fly is your spirit animal, you carry yourself with grace. You know how to get in and out of difficult situations.


Flies can quickly adjust to new situations, and you’re no different. You’re very adaptable and can easily go with the flow. You don’t like to be tied down, and you’re always ready for a new adventure. You accept change with ease.


Flies rub their legs together to dust off any particles clinging to them. If you have a fly spirit animal, you’re probably a neat freak who can’t stand messes or disorder. You can be quite the perfectionist.


Flies keep things in balance as they scavenge for food. Without flies, there would be an overabundance of decaying matter. You have a knack for restoring balance and keeping things running smoothly.


Flies are very active creatures, and they’re always on the go. They’re constantly flying around in search of food. If you have a fly spirit animal, you’re probably very energetic too. You never stop moving, and you’re generally happy.

Negative Characteristics of the Fly Spirit Animal

There are a few downsides to having the fly as your spirit animal. But being aware of these shortcomings can help you to avoid them.

The negative traits of fly energy are:

  • Dirty
  • Pest
  • Nuisance
  • Nosey
  • Arrogant


Flies keep themselves clean. However, they still have a reputation for hanging out in stinky situations. This is because they’re often found in places that are dirty and disgusting, like garbage dumps or sewage systems. If you have a fly spirit animal, you may have some dirty habits that you need to work on.


Flies can be very annoying, and they’re often considered pests. If you have a fly spirit animal, you may need to watch out for being too needy or clingy. You might also benefit from learning how to take no for an answer.


Flies can be nuisances, and they’re often seen as such. If you have a fly spirit animal, you may need to watch out for becoming a nuisance yourself. You might benefit from learning how to be more considerate of others and from developing some patience.

How to Use the Fly Spirit Animal Power

Fly - Insect, Insect, Flying, Wasp, Animal

Embrace your fly energy by going with the flow and adapting to change.


Tap into your inner fly to guide your life in your desired direction. Knowing the good and bad sides of fly energy means being able to harness them for your benefit.

Here are some ways to use fly energy in your life:


Flies are known for their adaptability, which can be useful in your career. If you have a fly spirit animal, you’re probably very adaptable yourself. You can go with the flow and easily adjust to new situations. This makes you a great candidate for jobs that require a lot of change. Additionally, you’re also very flexible, which allows you to work well with others.


Those with fly energy like to keep things clean, which can strain relationships. Are your friends not always as tidy as you would like them to be? You may find yourself constantly picking up after them or trying to straighten out the messes they leave behind. However, with patience and understanding, you can learn to live with your messy friends. After all, nobody is perfect!


Moving on, when it comes to your finances, learning to take no for an answer can be very beneficial. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Even if your fly tendencies are trying to pester you into action, it’s okay to reconsider. If something doesn’t feel right or if you’re not sure it’s the right decision, trust your gut and walk away. There will always be other opportunities waiting for you.

Spirit Animals Compatible With the Fly

There’s a lot of variety in the animal kingdom, including spirit animals. You may have more than one spirit animal, and that’s perfectly normal. If you feel connected to more than one animal, trust your instinct and go with the one that resonates most with you.

If you’re drawn to other insects, like bees or butterflies, you might find that you have a lot in common with them. You might also be compatible with animals that are known for their adaptabilities, such as the chameleon or the monkey. Other compatible animals include:

Befriending someone with a similar spirit animal tendency can open up a world of fun. Meeting someone with dragonfly energy can feel like you’ve always known each other. You’ll find that you have a lot in common regarding how you both see the world. If you’re looking for a new friend, consider finding someone with a compatible spirit animal.

Incompatible Spirit Animals

Wasps and fire ants are natural enemies of the house fly. If someone identifies with hornet, wasp, ant, or bee energy, they will likely conflict with fly types. That doesn’t mean fly energies can’t co-exist with wasp energies. They can become friends through a bonding experience.

Final Thoughts on Flies as Spirit Animals

The fly is a fascinating creature, and there’s a lot we can learn from it. If you have a fly spirit animal, you probably have some of its qualities. You might be adaptable, flexible, and quick-thinking. However, you might also benefit from learning to be more patient and tidy. Use your fly energy to guide your life in the direction you want to go. And don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Bonus: Where Did the Idea of Spirit Animals Originate?

Owl Spirit Animal

The idea of spirit animals existed in indigenous cultures, where certain animals were viewed as spiritual guides.

©Jozef Klopacka/

Astrology, or the philosophy of stars, dates back as far as ancient Greece and Babylon. It was defined and developed by the mathematician and astrologer Ptolemy in his work Tetrabiblos, published around 1,800 years ago.

The idea of spirit animals is a more modern development, though certain indigenous cultures, such as Native Americans, regarded various animals as guides to protect them or animals whose traits they shared, as well as animals they may just admire. 

In the 1990s, Pagan and Wiccan enthusiasts adopted this way of looking at animals for themselves, viewing them as spiritual guides or totems that take on animal forms. As the internet advanced, these groups created quizzes to help curious folks discover who their spirit animals were.

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