Footage of Cat and Dolphin Playing Together in Florida Never Gets Old

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Updated: October 20, 2023
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It is unheard of for a land creature to befriend a creature of the sea, but this is not the case from a video in 1997. A cat and a dolphin are an unlikely duo, but these two intelligent creatures were seen befriending each other in the Theater of the Sea marine park located in Islamorada, Florida. Arthur, a tabby cat can be seen interacting with dolphins Shiloh and Thunder from a boat.

These two animals couldn’t be more different, but that didn’t stop them from curiously checking each other out. Most cats have a reputation for refusing to get wet or go near water, but that didn’t stop Arthur from playing with dolphins and allowing them to “boop” his nose. In the heartwarming video, you can see Arthur is calm and friendly toward the dolphins, and the dolphins seem to enjoy their new land-dwelling friend.

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The shrieks of surprise from the people on the boat show that this encounter was unexpected between a cat and dolphin and Arthur is seen enthusiastically pawing at the dolphin and rubbing his head as a sign of affection to encourage the dolphin to play with him. The dolphin was happy to return the affection and was equally fascinated by its new friend. The video shows how two completely different animals can coexist with each other peacefully, and it is not every day that a dolphin comes across a cat!

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