From Predator To Prey: Fox Catches A Meal, Then The Bald Eagle Shows Up

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 28, 2023
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There are so many perspectives going on here for such a short clip. Firstly, there is an unfortunate small mammal (possibly a baby rabbit) that thinks it’s the worst day ever and doesn’t realize that things are about to change for the better. Then there is the fox, who thinks it’s a fabulous day with a tasty meal to enjoy, then disaster strikes. Finally, there is an eagle who aims to catch a fox, briefly ends up with a two-course meal because suddenly there’s a rabbit involved too – and then loses the lot! Things can change very quickly in the natural world!

Foxes Hunting Small Mammals

The fox is a medium-sized omnivorous mammal that lives in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe and North America. They lead a solitary life and live for up to around 11 years – provided they do not succumb to a predator! Foxes are considered to be prey by several species including bears, wolves, and large cats. Smaller foxes can also be picked off by eagles and coyotes. However, as we see here, an eagle can struggle to keep hold of a fox and get it to a location where it can be eaten. The eagle here has ended up dropping the fox, but it may have come back later for another try!

In turn, foxes prey on a diverse range of animals. They are experts at catching small mammals like rodents and rabbits as well as frogs and earthworms. They also eat berries and fruit and scavenge for carrion. Urban foxes are experts at getting into trash cans and finding tasty titbits in garbage.

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Bald Eagle flying over a lake.
Bald eagles mainly live off fish

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Eagles Hunting Foxes

There are many different types of eagle but the one in this clip looks very like a bald eagle. It has a distinctive dark plumage with white feathers on the head and tail. It also has very sharp talons and a deadly beak – perfect for grasping and killing prey. They are carnivores and their diet consists entirely of meat.

The bald eagle’s preferred meal is fish and they are experts at spotting and retrieving fish from open water. However, they are also opportunists and will take small birds, rodents and carrion. They can carry anything that is up to about half their body weight so this fox may have been a bit too heavy for this eagle!

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bald eagle in flight
Bald eagles are large flying birds and fierce predators.

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