German Shepherd Leaps From Boat to Swim With Dolphins

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Written by Angie Menjivar

Updated: October 19, 2023

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Not every dog gets a chance to board a boat and explore ocean adventures with its owners. But this lucky German shepherd gets to enjoy the open waters to explore aquatic life in a way most dogs never will.

Watch This Funny Dog Swim With the Dolphins!

Just when you think he won’t, he does! Watch what happens when this German shepherd jumps off a moving boat.

Dolphins are highly revered for their intelligence, but did you know they have two stomachs? They have one that works to keep their food stores and the other that works as a digestion factory. Like humans, they have identifying markers—though they don’t have fingers for fingerprints, their dorsal fins are all unique and serve as identifying markers.

The German shepherd is another animal well-known for its intelligence. They use their noses to explore their environments and they’re fantastic when it comes to learning new behaviors. They’re incredibly adaptive and adept at developing skills for important roles, like scent, therapy, and service dog work.

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Dolphins enjoy riding the wake of boats because they can go faster using less energy. In other words, it’s fun!

Dog Goes Overboard and Jumps on Dolphins

This video covers a group of boaters out on a regular day with their German shepherd at the bow of their boat. This pup is alert and unafraid, wearing a collar and keeping his gaze on all the underwater movements surrounding him.

Within seconds, you see what this pup is interested in. Dolphins emerge from beneath the water, staying ahead of the boat, and keeping close. The German shepherd puts his paws over the edge, his ears erect, and his attention completely captivated by the friendly, swimming creatures just below.

He crouches down, remaining curious, and then gets up with excitement. You get the sense he’s about to jump and much like his owners, there’s a sudden realization that this German shepherd is serious about wanting to meet his new friends.

“Oh! Stop the boat!” exclaims a man, seeing that the pup has disappeared just in front of the boat with a splash. There’s levity on the deck as the group works to recover their pup.

“Maverick, come here, what are you doing?” one man asks, as he goes to the back of the boat where the pup has been left behind.

“Really? Really? Unnecessary,” he says as Maverick’s head can be seen bobbing above the water as he swims back to the boat. The man pulls Maverick over onto the boat and asks, “What are you doing?”

Maverick, intelligent and sweet as he is, probably didn’t realize that jumping from a moving boat into the water separates you very quickly from the dolphins you intended to meet. Surely, it was a memorable day for all.

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