Giant Buffalo Bull Spins In Circles Trying to Keep Its Horns Between a Pride of Lions and Itself

African Cape or Water Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) charges African Lions (Panthera leo) on the Masai Mara National Reserve safari in southwestern Kenya.
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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: October 20, 2023

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For this lion pride to survive, they must hunt for their food. Lion prides are like a well-oiled machine. They live together, hunt together, and eat together. Because of this, they work well with each other. And they know the importance of using their numbers to survive. While the lion is the king of the jungle, he is still only one lion. But, a pride of lions together can achieve more extraordinary things and greater kills. 

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How Large are Lion Prides?

Social animals are known to live in large groups. These groups can sometimes be called pods, schools, herds, or, in the case of the lion, they are called prides. Lion prides can range anywhere from three members up to 30 members

In the case of this YouTube video shown below, we see only a few members of this lion pride. We’re not sure how significant this pride is; however, there are a few here that are out hunting. Their hunt has led them to this lone cape buffalo that has found itself surrounded. 

A pride of lions drinking from a pond.

Lions eat a diet that consists of


, wildebeests, and even giraffes.

Out in the Masai Mara in Kenya, Africa, this lion pride knows they need to work together as a unit to take down an animal of this size. 

How Large are Lions?

male lion

A large male lion can weigh up to 550 pounds!

Lions are the fiercest felines in the wild. Known for their hierarchy status as king of the jungle, they can weigh as much as 120-249 kilograms (264-550 pounds). They can reach lengths of 1.4-2.5 meters (4.7-8.2 feet) long. 

Despite their size, they are known to take down animals much more significant than they are. As carnivores, they will feast on animals such as antelope, warthogs, and zebras. And as we see here from the video posted below, they also will go after Cape Buffalo. 

How Large are Cape Buffalos?

World's Scariest Animal: Cape Buffalo

Cape buffalo, despite weighing as much as a ton, can race up to 40 mph, jump up to 6 feet vertically, and quickly pivot to combat predators.

Cape buffalos are extremely large mammals that weigh anywhere from 1,323-2,000 pounds. They reach heights of 51-67 inches and lengths of 67-96 inches. 

As we can see, cape buffalo are almost four times the size of lions. However, this does not stop this pride of lions from attempting to take it down. The buffalo does the only thing he possibly can do. He keeps his head low and his horns out. He continues to circle to let these lions know he won’t go down without a fight. Perhaps he is also trying to scare these lions away. After all, an animal that weighs almost 2,000 pounds is no small thing to take down. 

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