Giant Centipede Wrestles a Snake With Scarily Surprising Strength

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: July 27, 2023
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Whoever said the underdog never wins has never seen a giant centipede wrestle with a snake with scarily surprising strength!

In the video posted below, we see an amazing fight for survival on the part of this centipede. A snake slithering by thought this would be an easy meal. However, this giant centipede refused to go down easily. 

Each time the snake coils around the centipede, it is seen extending its body and stretching its legs out. The snake tries to reach the end of the centipede’s body in hopes of having it stop struggling. However, as we can see, this centipede refused to stop struggling. Because the moment he stops struggling is the moment he has lost. 

Centipede (Chilopoda) Facts

Are centipedes poisonous or dangerous - Tiger centipede

Centipedes are yellow, red, black, and orange in appearance.


Centipedes of the class Chilopoda can be found in many different habitats all around the world. They can be found in locations such as Africa, Asia, Central America, Eurasia, Europe, and North America, to list a few places. 

The sizes of centipedes will vary greatly depending on their species. However, most centipedes are anywhere from one to six inches long. 

Centipede (Chilopoda) Population

Close up of centipede

Centipedes are carnivores – their prey includes insects and spiders.

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There are an estimated 3,000 known species of centipedes. Because of this, there is almost no way for scientists to determine how many centipedes there are in the world, as the number would be too much to document. Their conservation status is not considered to be threatened because of this. 

Are Centipedes Venomous?

Lithobius melanops

These little centipedes are nocturnal hunters that feed on small insects, spiders, and other invertebrates.

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In short, yes! Centipedes are very venomous. According to studies completed by the Institute for Molecular Bioscience on the centipede’s venom, they state that centipedes are “Armed with a pair of modified, venom-bearing limbs; they are an important group of predatory arthropods. They are infamous for their ability to deliver painful stings.”

This study goes on to say that while this much is known about centipedes’ venom, there isn’t much else known about them. 

As we saw from the video below, this centipede was delivering bites to this snake that were venomous and likely causing the snake great pain. 

As far as humans go, Healthline states that while centipedes’ venom can cause health issues in humans, it is not usually known to be fatal

Check out the Amazing Video Below!

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