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Giants Of Their Kind

Giants Of Their Kind

4th January 2011
Blue Whale

Blue Whale

In this incredibly diverse world, we share our environments with a complete variety of species of all shapes, sizes and colour. Some species however, simply seem to grow to be much, much bigger than others throughout a variety of habitats. Here are the planet's giants:

MAMMAL - Blue Whale
Size: 20m - 25m long
Location: Oceans Worldwide
Conservation Status: Endangered
Fun Fact: One breath can fill nearly 2,000 balloons!

BIRD - Ostrich
Size: 1.8m - 2.7m tall
Location: Central & Eastern Africa
Conservation Status: Least Concern
Fun Fact: One egg is 10 times bigger than a chicken's egg!

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile
REPTILE - Saltwater Crocodile
Size: 2.1m - 8.5m long
Location: South-East Asia and Australia
Conservation Status: Least Concern
Fun Fact: Up to 200,000 adults in Australia alone!

FISH - Whale Shark
Size: 10m - 12.2m long
Location: Temperate Ocean Worldwide
Conservation Status: Threatened
Fun Fact: Can get to be more than 100 years old!

AMPHIBIAN - Chinese Giant Salamander
Size: 0.9m - 1.5m long
Location: Chinese mountain streams and lakes
Conservation Status: Critically Endangered
Fun Fact: Females can lay 500 eggs at a time!


Stick Insect
INSECT - Chan's Megastick
Size: 50cm - 57cm long
Location: North-eastern Borneo
Conservation Status: Not Known
Fun Fact: One Only six specimens are known to science today!

INVERTEBRATE - Colossal Squid
Size: 12m - 14m long
Location: Across the Southern Ocean
Conservation Status: Not Known
Fun Fact: Dives to depths of at least 2,000 meters!

DOG - Irish Wolfhound
Size: 81cm - 86cm tall
Location: Native to Ireland
Conservation Status: Domestic
Fun Fact: First domesticated by settlers around 3,500 BC!

Maine Coon

Maine Coon
CAT - Maine Coon
Size: 1m - 1.2m long
Location: Native to Maine
Conservation Status: Domestic
Fun Fact: They are able to survive in harsh winter climates!

HUMAN - Robert Wadlow
Size: 2.72m (8ft 11.1in) tall
Location: Alton, Illinois, USA
Status: Deceased 1940 (Age 22)
Fun Fact: He was also known as the Giant of Illinois!

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