Gigantic ‘Godzilla’ Gator From Lakeland Florida Is Awe-Inspiring

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 17, 2023
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It’s yet another newsworthy gator story in Florida! Imagine going out for an afternoon hike and ahead of you, on your path, is a alligator estimated to be somewhere between 13 and 15 feet long.

Perhaps it’s the personality of Floridians but several people stopped to gawk, take photos, and continued on to describe the scene in the video as awe-inspiring. A tourist may have had a different choice of words!

Check Out the Video Below!

News anchors open this video standing on either side of a huge screen where this monster of a gator is displayed. They share that this was captured in Polk County, Florida.

One of the news anchors describes this as an unbelievable scene and you can very clearly see why. Just behind the gator, you can see several hikers standing by, taking in the sight and taking some photos to capture the moment.

The gator spans the length of the trail, blocking hikers on either side. Its scaly back is rounded, and he seems to have quite the double chin. Maybe a triple chin.

The video cuts over to an original recording taken by a hiker, which seems to be only a few feet away from the gator. The video captures this humongous reptile as he lazily saunters across the hiking path.

The news reporter describes the size of this gator as being as big as an SUV.

Christie Buckley, a local who had just wrapped up a morning hike with her husband is interviewed. Still, with an aura of what-did-I-just-witness, she shares that the moment was awe-inspiring.

In fact, the video recorded by one of the hikers captures Christie and her husband laying on the ground with cameras in hand, completely committed to capturing the moment.

She and her husband affectionately named the gator Godzilla because that’s what he appeared like to them. The moment spans for quite a few seconds, as the gator moves ever so slowly across the path, dragging his immense tail behind him.

Another hiker was interviewed and described the gator as “prehistoric looking.” She says he’s amazing. All these locals have plenty of compliments to give this gator!

This is because locals recognize this monster gator as The Big Humpback. He’s been around this area for decades, and this name was given to him because he has an unusually arched back.

After The Big Humpback was spotted and images and videos circulated online, Circle B, the hiking park where the sighting occurred, became flooded with people who wanted to catch a glimpse of this jaw-dropping gator.

This protected area often calls forth hikers and photographers. The video goes on to show another moment captured where a gator snatches up a quick, cannibalistic meal. He thrashes back and forth, killing his prey, and another photo is shown where the gator is proudly walking away with a smaller gator hanging from his mouth.

Apparently, at Circle B, there’s never a dull moment.

The camera goes back to the interview with Christie where she shares that she probably should have been more scared than she was but that she was just so inspired by it the amazing creature.

Well, we can agree that she probably should’ve been a little bit more afraid than she was. But again, only in Florida!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Pankratov

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