Gigantic Pitbull Can’t Intimidate Robotic Dog In Backyard Standoff

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 13, 2022
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Technology has gifted humans with plenty of wonders. The ease with which you can learn new information, connect with loved ones, and travel from one place to another is remarkable.

But a robotic dog? Did you see it coming? These little creatures are equipped with AI vision and cost a pretty penny. Now, imagine a pit bull encountering one of these robotic beings. They’re smaller with a similar frame but there’s something quite not right about them.

They’re dogs—but they’re not. In this video, you see how a large brown pit approaches one of these animatronic dogs. They’re face to face as the video starts—the pit is standing close with its tail straight up.

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The barks are intense as his tail remains erect. He crouches down for seconds at a time and pushes his body weight upward, his tail staying up toward the sky. The robotic dog doesn’t move at all, even as the pit attempts to intimidate it.

Then, just as you think the robotic pup won’t move, it starts to pounce, moving all of its legs in succession. The pit gets even more activated and as it does, it becomes clear that it’s being held back by a leash.

It’s the ultimate taunt for this big, brown pit. The mechanical pup is a mere three or four feet from the pit and obviously unfazed. It’s a robot, after all. It cowers down, lowering its mechanical body to the ground, and stands up again, its legs restless.

Naturally, the pit continues barking, being held back by its leash. The unsteady yet threatening movements of the robotic dog have the pit feeling threatened. Then, as if adding insult to injury, the robotic pup does a backflip.

The pit is bewildered. He keeps his intimidating stance and barks at the mechanical pup. The robot dog approaches the pit, and it only exacerbates the pit’s reaction. He moves over, taking in the fake pup from different angles.

His confusion and defensiveness are palpable. He barks without restraint, not just assessing, but attempting to intimidate. The robot continues with its intimidating steps and then surprises the pit by standing up on its hind legs and begging with its two front mechanical paws.

Then, it turns its back to the pit, approaches the camera, and performs the same begging act. Interesting how a dog with no head manages to intimidate a full-grown pit.

Watch as a pit encounters an AI species.

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Gray and white American bully pocket on grass
Pocket pitbulls only reach about 16 inches tall.
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