A Gigantic Polar Bear Ambushes Its Prey on an Ice Floe

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: June 9, 2022
© Vaclav Sebek/Shutterstock.com
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Polar bears, particularly because their source of food has diminished, are described as unpredictable and capable of eating humans. Luckily, this scene captures a polar bear stalking a typical meal: a seal.

Polar bear lunges toward unsuspecting seal.

Incredible footage shows this polar bear standing on an elevated ice ledge. She descends into the water, her head and back peaking up. She spots a seal laying on its side, seemingly unaware of what is soon to approach.

To prevent her scent from being known, she takes a detour downwind from the seal. Slowly, she creeps through the water like a white furry alligator would, making her way closer to the seal. The ice caps work in her favor, helping her remain concealed as she moves ever-so-carefully.

The seal remains unbothered, laying on a large block of ice, sniffing about the arctic air. At one point, the seal moves, seeming to notice movement. But it quickly returns to its resting position, with its large belly relaxed.

The polar bear has now reached the ice cap where the seal is laying. She has cleverly positioned herself just behind the seal. The seal looks out forward, still in a relaxed position, completely oblivious to her presence.

The camera pans slightly to the left and you can spot the polar bear, just microseconds before she lunges upward toward the seal. Completely startled and at a disadvantage, the seal struggles to gain composure for an escape attempt.

The seal’s flippers are short and slip on the ice as it wriggles forward on its belly to dive into the water. The seal makes it into the water with the polar bear right behind it and they both descend underwater with a loud splash.

The waves formed from the splash start to settle and the scene is accompanied by an uncanny quiet. Several seconds go by before the polar bear’s head emerges from the water, just under the ice cap where the seal had been laying down.

As her head continues to emerge, it becomes clear that she was able to catch the seal underwater. She has its limp body locked between her jaws, and makes her way back onto the ice cap to enjoy her meal.

The narrator explains that this meal alone will provide her with 100,000 calories, which is enough to sustain her for a week.

She continues dragging the lifeless seal onto the ice, leaving a trail of blood. The camera switches to a different angle, and you can catch a glimpse of the polar bear devouring her catch, her fur stained in telling crimson.

The video pans away from the polar bear and two birds can be seen in the background, flying over the scene of this polar bear’s victory.

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Apex predator: Polar Bear
The Polar Bear is a solitary animal that can not only run at speeds of up to 25mph but its strong ability to swim at 6mph makes it a true apex predator within its environment. These semi-aquatic mammals can hunt both on the ice and in the water and have been known to swim vast distances across the open ocean in search of food.
© Vaclav Sebek/Shutterstock.com

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