Golden Retriever Pillow Thief Gets Caught Red-Handed

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: October 26, 2022
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We don’t know about you, but here at A to Z Animals, we think a happy puppy is simply one of the cutest things! While there are a plethora of breeds of canines, one of America’s favorites is the golden retriever. 

Often with flowing locks of creamy, golden hair, these pups love to have a good time. These animals who are constantly on the go are terrible couch potatoes. Whether it’s a game of catch, a hike, a swim, or any other form of exercise, they’re always ready for action. They are gifted athletes who excel in many different outdoor activities.

Scottish hunters first developed golden retrievers in the 19th century as retrieving dogs for both land and water. Breeders combined water spaniels and other retrievers to produce a dog with the abilities of a golden retriever, especially returning waterfowl and other wildlife to their hunter-masters without being hurt.

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Similar to other dogs, Goldens are prone to carrying objects wherever they go, including sticks, toys, shoes, or anything else that isn’t secured. Brady, an adorable five-year-old golden shows us how this breed can get its paws on just about anything. 

When Bonnie, Brady’s human, let him out to do his business, he had other plans in mind. The curious pooch starts sniffing around the back porch when he finds a chair pillow on the ground. Instead of leaving it be and continuing on his way, Brady considers it his new favorite toy. 

Golden Retriever Dog
Similar to other dogs, Goldens are prone to carrying objects wherever they go, including sticks, toys, shoes, or anything else that isn’t secured.

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A Star Retriever

A golden retriever dog enjoys open areas for retrieving and requires a lot of movement. A golden retriever is therefore best suited for a home with a big backyard or an owner who will frequently take them to an off-leash park. A Golden Retriever is a secure choice for a family pet if you have young children, especially if it has received sufficient training.

The families Ring camera catches Brady’s sneaky adventure all on camera. These cameras are designed to alert homeowners when there’s any motion detected. When this pooch starts playing with a pillow, the camera sends a notification to Bonnie’s phone. 

She comes to the sliding glass door to see her precious dog having the time of his life tossing a pillow around. While no harm was done to the pillow, we all know that stuffing and feathers would quickly be all over the yard if he was left alone with it much longer! 

When Bonnie opens the door, she says “I don’t think so, young man!” This prompts Brady to happily run back inside. With a big smile on his face, this pooch gives his human mama a precious look when he’s caught! It’s hard to be mad at a face that cute! We can only imagine everything else that this pup gets into when the camera’s not looking! 

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golden retriever
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