10 Great and Safe Toys for a Happy Bearded Dragon

Written by Sarah Psaradelis
Published: October 9, 2023
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Bearded dragons are popular pet reptiles recognized by their flat, scaly bodies and territorial temperaments. These reptiles make great pets for those who can care for them properly and provide them with veterinary care when necessary. Bearded dragons are naturally curious and playful, so they thrive in a spacious enclosure with plenty of enrichment.

Part of being a responsible bearded dragon owner is ensuring that they have enough toys to keep them happy. Like most pets, bearded dragons can become bored if they have nothing to do in their enclosure. This makes it important to choose safe toys that can happily entertain them and prevent boredom.

Benefits of Enrichment for Bearded Dragons

lizards with spikes bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are curious reptiles from the




So, how does enrichment from toys benefit bearded dragons?

  • Helps alleviate boredom.
  • Keeps them both mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Allows them to explore and interact with their environment.
  • Makes them feel safer.
  • Keeps them active and exercised.
  • Interactive toys allow you to bond with your bearded dragon.

10 Great and Safe Toys for Bearded Dragons

Let’s take a look at the 10 great and safe toys for bearded dragons below.

1. Hideouts

One of the top recommended enriching items for bearded dragons is hideouts and caves. These reptiles might be playful and explorative at times, but they still need a hideout to feel safe. Keeping your bearded dragon in a barren enclosure with nowhere to hide could be stressful for them. Bearded dragons will benefit from having a hideout that they can retreat to when they feel unsafe.

Many bearded dragons will rest in a hideout at night and lay on the top of it to bask during the day. Sleeping in a hideout allows your bearded dragon to feel protected, as they would normally hide away at night to avoid predators.

When choosing a suitable hideout for your bearded dragon, you want to opt for one that is the right size and made from safe materials. Avoid hideouts that are too small for your bearded dragon to comfortably move and turn around in. There should be enough room in the hideout for your bearded dragon to stretch out without getting trapped in a corner.

2. Basking Platforms

Heat lamp for bearded dragons

Bearded dragons need a warm basking spot in their enclosure for warmth and UV rays.

©Steve Buchus/Shutterstock.com

Bearded dragons are ectothermic (cold-blooded) reptiles that rely on external heat sources for warmth. In the wild, bearded dragons bask under sunlight for warmth and essential UV rays. The external heat helps to keep their digestive system functioning properly, while the UVB rays allow for vitamin D3 synthesis.

All bearded dragons need a basking spot in their enclosure with a temperature between 95° to 110° Fahrenheit. Providing them with a basking platform allows them to comfortably bask like they do in the wild. A rock or branch-like basking platform is often recommended for these reptiles as it absorbs heat. Your bearded dragon’s basking platform should be large enough to fit most of their body without being difficult to lay on.

3. Tunnels

In the wild, bearded dragons will burrow to protect themselves from temperature and cool down. Enriching your bearded dragon’s enclosure with tunnels is a great way to keep them entertained. The tunnels will act as a makeshift burrow for these reptiles and allow them to cool down after basking. Some bearded dragon owners prefer to cover the upper parts of the tunnel with substrate and leave the tunnel entrance and exit open. You can choose from various plastic or log tunnels, provided it is large enough for them to easily walk through.

4. Interactive Feeder Toys

Bearded dragons are omnivores that eat a range of insects, leafy green vegetables, and fruits. To make feeding time even more enjoyable for them, you can try using interactive feeding toys. These types of toys are usually plastic and allow you to place small pieces of food inside. The rest of the toy is covered in slits or holes that the food falls out of. When your bearded dragon starts nudging and moving the feeder toy around, they can eat the bits of food that have fallen out.

Interactive feeder toys are a great way to make your bearded dragon work for their food and have fun doing so. You can fill these toys with finely chopped leafy greens or insects. Choosing one that is small and created for reptiles to safely use is ideal.

5. Cat Teaser Wands

A great way to encourage your bearded dragon to stay active is by dangling teaser wands for them to chase. Many bearded dragons cannot resist chasing the small feathers, mice, or balls attached to teaser wands for cats. Bearded dragons naturally chase and catch insects in the wild, so the end of the teaser wand mimics possible prey.

You should only let your bearded dragon interact with the teaser wand under your supervision. Some bearded dragons might try to eat the toy at the end of the teaser wand which is highly unsafe.

6. Balls

While it may seem unusual, some bearded dragons enjoy playing with small balls made for puppies or kittens. The balls’ bright colors and rolling movements encourage bearded dragons to chase them, similar to how they catch their prey. This keeps your bearded dragon entertained and active while encouraging natural hunting behaviors. You can choose from the jingle-bell or crinkle balls meant for kittens, or the lightweight balls for small puppies. The ball should never be small enough to fit in your bearded dragon’s mouth, as that is a serious choking hazard.

7. Hammocks

Rats are not the only animals with a fondness for hammocks, as bearded dragons can enjoy them too. Bearded dragons love lounging around, especially while they are basking. Hammocks not only provide your bearded dragon with a comfy resting place but also allow them to climb.

There are many hammocks available that your bearded dragon can safely use. There are ones specifically made for reptiles, otherwise mesh, seagrass, and cotton hammocks for small animals will work. To prevent nasty falls, you want to avoid placing the hammocks too high up.

Bearded dragon hammocks can be attached to the enclosure via clips, suction cups, or stands. The hammocks should be able to secularly hold your bearded dragon’s weight without collapsing.

8. Reptile Bridge

Bearded Dragon

Wooden logs for reptiles can function as a bridge and hideout for bearded dragons.

©Jovani Carlo Gorospe/iStock via Getty Images

Adding a reptile bridge in your bearded dragon’s enclosure is enriching and gives them more toys to explore. Bearded dragons will enjoy climbing over the bridge and occasionally lounging on it. Reptile bridges can fit in most bearded dragon enclosures since they come in different sizes and styles. Some bridges have an open mid-section that bearded dragons can walk through, while others function as a hideout too. You generally want to choose a reptile bridge made from a safe and easy-to-clean material, such as plastic.

9. Fake or Live Vines and Plants

If you want to create a naturalistic environment for your bearded dragon to explore, why not try fake or live plants? There are various safe vines and plants you can place in your bearded dragon’s enclosure. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, plants and vines give your bearded dragon a place to climb, forage through, or hide under.

You can either grow live plants like elephant bush, aloe, or echeveria in their enclosure. These live plants can either be buried in the enclosure’s substrate or in a small pot. Any live plants need to be reptile-safe and free from harmful chemicals or fertilizers.

Otherwise, you can choose from a selection of fake plants and vines for reptiles. Fake plants are easier to keep clean than live plants and do not require water much care. Certain fake vines and plants can be attached via suction cups to the sides of your bearded dragon’s enclosure for both visual and climbing purposes.

10. Driftwood

Bearded dragons benefit from having sandblasted driftwood in their enclosures for entertainment. They can climb or hide underneath the driftwood depending on how large it is. You can angle the driftwood underneath hammocks or reptile bridges to give your bearded dragon more things to climb. The driftwood needs to be reptile-safe and free from any toxins and parasites. Always check the driftwood for any sharp edges that could hurt your bearded dragon before placing it in their enclosure.

In Conclusion

There are many different toys that can enrich your bearded dragon’s life. It can be as simple as a hideout or hammock, or a more complex interactive feeder toy. The reptile section of a pet store isn’t the only place you will find safe bearded dragon toys, as the cat section has quite the selection too.

Summary Of The 10 Great and Safe Toys for Bearded Dragons

RankBearded Dragon Toys
2Basking platforms
4Interactive feeder toys
5Cat teaser wands
8Reptile bridge
9Vines or plants
Summary of the 10 great and safe toys for a happy bearded dragon.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Renata Eloize/iStock via Getty Images

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