Great White Knocks A Fisherman into The Water in Crazy Attack Video

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: July 19, 2022
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Spotting a great white shark while you’re out in the open ocean, with only a kayak protecting you is startling enough—but this kayaker got the scare of a lifetime.

The video starts by identifying the date and location of this incident. It was on the north coast of South Africa in January of the year 2016.

Next, it cuts to a man on his kayak; he’s wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, shorts, a red life jacket, and a white visor hat. He’s sitting on his kayak with three fishing poles sticking up just behind him. He grabs the one to his left and the video cuts to another scene where he starts pulling on the line after catching something.

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He reels it in a bit, pulls the fishing pole back, and next is a short explanation on the screen saying that he sees a massive shark chasing the fish and it’s headed straight for him.

In the video, you can see the man looking behind him as he keeps reeling when suddenly—over to his left—he spots the great white.

He exclaims “Whoa, whoa whoa!!” in shock and terror as he keeps reeling wildly. You can barely make out the shark as it enters the frame on the right side of the screen.

The great white bumps the man’s kayak, destabilizing him and sending him into the water while his paddle flies into the air.

The camera, affixed to the front of the kayak captures the commotion as the kayak dips in and out of the water. The man can be seen underwater, holding onto the kayak, and trying to make his way back onto it for safety.

These moments are tense, and the choppy scene adds to the heart-stopping suspense.

He somehow manages to flip the kayak over and in one swift move climbs on top of it. He scrambles a bit to regain his balance but he’s able to find a sitting position and keep himself steady.

He stays absolutely still and quiet as he brings his hand to his open mouth, still in shock from what has occurred. He looks around to see if he can spot the shark, but it’s gone.

He uses the same expletive a few different times, as he attempts to regulate his breathing and brings his hands to the back of his head, expressing relief and bewilderment.

He speaks with someone behind the camera as he continues taking deep breaths, looking around, and processing the event. He acted quickly and now he has incredible video footage of his encounter with a great white shark!

Kayaker scrambles to regain balance after shark bumps him.

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