Bear Family Stops Traffic While Crossing a Busy Highway

Written by Katie Melynn Wood
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Bear crossing, straight ahead! You may be familiar with traffic jams but it’s not every day that traffic gets held up by a family of bears. A mama Eurasian brown bear and two cubs enjoy a leisurely stroll down the road as the patient motorists wait for them to get clear.

See the Bear Family for Yourself in the Video Below!

The video begins with the mother bear standing guard at the edge of the road. She doesn’t seem very interested in the cars that have stopped to let her pass but her imposing size is enough to make even the bravest person stop in their tracks. Eurasian brown bears are closely related to grizzly bears, another large brown bear. There are a few cars going in both directions and the person holding the camera is behind a tour bus on the road. Fortunately, all of the vehicles knew to stop and the people remained in their cars, giving the bears their space.

A little cub emerges from a nearby wooded area shortly after. He tumbles down to join his mother. Another cub joins them. The two cubs are a bit more curious about the cars that they see. One goes up to the bus and puts his paws up on the side, trying to get a better look.

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Mama bear isn’t messing around, however. She leads the two cubs to the side of the road and onto their next adventure. The cars go by slowly, making sure that the bears are given plenty of room and stay safe.

The people taking the footage and the others in their cars were smart to not get out. Even though the cubs look cuddly and cute, their mother bear would be quick to act and attack anyone who she perceived as a threat. It’s always best to observe wild animals from a distance to keep them and you safe from injury or harm.

Do Bears Have Tails

Female Eurasian brown bears can weigh 500 pounds or more.


Where Do Brown Bears Live?

These Eurasian brown bears were spotted on a road in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. While they are most common in Russia, Romania supports a healthy population of these brown bears as well. This is in part due to the favorable habitat. There is also plenty of natural space for these bears to live, eat, and shelter.

They may be confused with North American brown bears, also known as grizzly bears. The two are closely related but not the same subspecies. They have a similar grizzled appearance. This is due to a slight silvery sheen on the end of their brown fur.

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