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Gutsy Lion Pride Decides To Hunt a Single Rhino

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: January 5, 2023
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Lions have become well-known as the kings of the jungle—their power and strength are unmatched, and though they hold a reputation to be reckoned with, it’s their female counterparts that take care of all the hunting that feeds the males and cubs.

As part of the training for lionesses, they often stalk and surround their prey before they engage in an all-out fight to kill and feast. This video was captured in Welgevonden Game Reserve, a private game reserve located in South Africa. This private reserve is home to about 50 different mammals and 300+ birds.

Lion Pride Hunts Rhino

The video starts with a shot of the rhino running toward the camera. It pauses to look at the tourists, and you can hear several cameras click as the group takes photos to capture these rare moments. Two lionesses can be seen stalking the rhino as it slows to a walk just before taking off again.

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As it runs off, you see there’s a dirt road, and two other safari cars have stopped to take in the scene. There’s a lioness in front of the rhino, and for a moment, they’re side by side. You can see the massive difference in size between the two animals.

The rhino runs toward the first lioness and then turns back to ward off the other two coming up behind it. When the rhino charges one or more of the lionesses, they retreat, but as soon as the rhino turns its back, they move forward with their stalking behavior.

The rhino chases down the first lioness, and the others follow in close pursuit. There isn’t a moment throughout this short clip when the camera clicks from curious onlookers stop.

The pride consists of five lionesses—you only appreciate how many there are at the end of the clip when the rhino runs off behind the other two safari cars into the distance.

The clip was taken by the Metsi Safari Eco-Lodge, and the description explains that the rhino was able to “escape the big cats without a scratch.” They believe that the lioness pride was just practicing their hunting skills of stalking and surrounding. The rhino was much too big to be prey for them.

Nevertheless, when lionesses, who are well-known hunters, are stalking and surrounding, even a rhino knows to run.

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