Guy Catches Snapping Turtle in His Socks, Then Uses It to Open a Red Bull

Written by August Croft
Published: November 6, 2022
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Don’t let anyone ever tell you that there’s a right way to do things, especially after you check out this video. tooturnttony on TikTok definitely shows off his snapping turtle-catching skills, but he also inadvertently advertises the varied abilities of this North American native reptile.

Not only does this short clip illustrate the prowess and agility demonstrated by humans in their ability to catch fish and other animals… It also shows off the power and skill of the average snapping turtle

The Snapping Turtle: a Powerful Little Guy

What Do Snapping Turtles Eat
Alligator snapping turtles sometimes prey on smaller snapping turtles.

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Omnivorous and notoriously aggressive, the snapping turtle lives primarily in North America. Not only can this turtle bite open a can of Red Bull with the best of them, but it has also been known to bite off human fingers.

While it should be obvious that Red Bull and human fingers are not normally what the snapping turtle eats, it’s best to treat these angry guys with caution. Fish, insects, and even baby ducklings meet their end in the fearsome jaws of the snapping turtle. Given the amount of power found within the hooked beak of the average snapping turtle, it’s no surprise that this TikToker was able to open something as simple as a can with a snapping turtle’s help! 

Don’t Try This at Home

Types of pond turtles - Snapping Turtle
Snapping turtles can weigh up to 300 pounds.

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In this video, we seem to be enjoying a nice time with tooturnttony on a boat. However, this beautiful day becomes much more interesting once Tony decides to jump into the nearby water, covered in water lilies and looking like an ideal environment for most snapping turtles.

Proclaiming an easy, “There it is!”, Tony jumps feet first into the swamp… wearing only his socks. Yep, not only is Tony comfortable with wet socks, but he’s comfortable fishing a vicious snapping turtle out of the water without protection for his feet!

To be fair, the snapping turtle may give Tony some problems under the water; it takes a second to pull it up. At the very least, snapping turtles are heavy, some specimens weighing up to 300 pounds! Tony does the smart thing and grabs this beast by its back feet, keeping its hooked mouth as far from him as possible. He brings the turtle onto the boat, and the rest is history. 

As if Tony wasn’t iconic enough, he casually rolls a Red Bull directly into the mouth of his catch. The snapping turtle does as its name suggests and bites into the Red Bull, leading to an immediate cheer from Tony. He snatches up the open can and quickly shotguns it, all while the turtle watches without much interest, or perhaps even jealousy.

Once the Red Bull is finished, Tony does the right thing and returns the snapping turtle to its natural environment. With a final message of “be free”, both Tony and the snapping turtle are free to go about their day, with less injury than you’d think! 

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