Have You Seen This Viral Video of a Man Discovering Thousands of Scorpions in an Abandoned House?

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: February 15, 2023
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When arachnids huddle together, it’s hard not to feel as if they’re crawling on your neck. Now, some of you are arachnid people, so you probably have a completely different perspective. However, for most, the creepy crawly feeling is so visceral that it’s too easy to squirm at the thought — or in the case of this video, at the sight!

Where Do Scorpions Live?

Scorpions dwell in all continents, except for Antarctica. The environments they inhabit include deserts, grasslands, and tropical rainforests. If they find a human home to dwell in, watch out. They live together in groups and feast on insects. Getting rid of insects is a first pest control measure to ensure scorpions don’t have the food source they’re accustomed to.

incredible scorpion facts
Scorpion makes its way into a human’s home. Hopefully it didn’t arrive with backup!


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Are Scorpions Dangerous to Humans?

Scorpions are not necessarily dangerous. They mind their own business unless they feel threatened. When threatened, they may use their stingers to release venom. Although only about 30 scorpion species can release enough venom to kill a human, their stings are still incredibly painful.

If there is limited access to medical care, even those outside of the 30 species could still deliver a fatal sting. There are over 100 million scorpion stings in the United States every year. Children and the elderly are more vulnerable populations that may suffer complications.

This next video is from the Twitter account, “Oddly Terrifying.” Apparently, it was taken in an abandoned house. It’s unclear if the house was abandoned because of the scorpions or if the scorpions came upon it and decided to take it over. The person filming lights up a room and you can barely see the floor.

There are hundreds if not thousands of scorpions littered across it, some positioned on the walls, also covering them completely. He is narrating the video in another language as he pans the camera from room to room. The scorpions crawl slowly, appearing like a moving carpet.

He keeps talking and moving around and the scorpions are everywhere. There are smaller ones and larger ones, some on top of each other while others climb the only bare walls in the far back. They don’t feel threatened by the cameraman and continue about their business, even as a bright light shines on them.

If you ask me, it’s their home now!

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