Heart-Pumping Video Captures a Menacing Lioness Pondering a Rhino Attack

Written by Crystal
Published: May 10, 2023
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Run, baby rhino, run! In this shocking wildlife footage, you’ll see a menacing lioness stalking a baby rhino. Adult rhinos don’t have natural predators, but large animals sometimes target baby rhinos. Attacks are rare, however, since mother rhinos are insanely protective.

Will the lioness make a meal out of this adorable baby rhino? Or will the rhino be able to get away to safety? Follow along as we learn more about these species and find out what happens to baby rhinos!

Lioness Attack Behaviors: What Are They?

What type of attack behaviors do lionesses have? Here’s a short list:

As you watch the video, you might assume that the lion isn’t going to make a move, but she could just be faking the rhino out.

In a lot of situations, patience is the best tactic for success. And a menacing lioness embodies patience. They’ll wait for a moment of weakness or distraction before moving. Even though she looks like she isn’t about to strike, the lioness might be one pounce away from a baby rhino meal.

Group Hunting

Sometimes when lionesses hunt in groups, they take on special roles as either a wing or center. Some lionesses assume the role of wings, which involves stalking and circling the prey. Others take the part of centers, which consists in waiting for the prey to move toward them.

A menacing lioness embodies patience.


Survival Tactics: How Baby Rhinos Fend off Predators

Thanks to their size, baby rhinos don’t have to worry about too many predators. The baby rhino in the video below is about as big as the lioness. Along with size, rhinos also have tough skin up to two inches thick to protect them. And to top it all off, they even have tiny horns to fight off predators.

Motherly Love

Most importantly, baby rhinos have big strong moms to protect them. As the beginning of the video shows, the mother rhino isn’t far away. If the lioness moves on the baby rhino, she’ll have to answer to Mom. The mother rhino can use her massive size and strength to scare away the big cat, and she wouldn’t be alone. Other members of the rhino herd would come to their defense.

Baby rhinos have big strong moms to protect them.

©Volodymyr Burdiak/Shutterstock.com

Run Rhino Run: Baby Rhinos Escape

Should the baby rhino run away? It could if it needed to! Even though they’re huge at birth, these animals are still relatively fast and agile. This gives them the ability to outrun all sorts of predators.

If the menacing lioness makes a move, the baby rhino could run and hide in the thick vegetation. Then mom rhino could help sort things out! See the baby rhino lion encounter in the video below.

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