Heart-Stopping Moment: Video Captures a Bear’s Car Hijacking Attempt

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: May 31, 2023
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What a cheek this black bear has! It casually strolls into a car park to investigate a car. This is not actually uncommon as bears often prowl urban environments looking for food. Human food and garbage are an easy source of calories for bears. Also, they have a fantastic sense of smell so this bear could probably detect some food inside the car. They are also intelligent enough to learn from experience, so the bear has probably opened a car door before. Scroll down to watch the full video of the car-breaking crime!

What Should You Do if You Encounter a Bear Near Your Vehicle?

Coming face-to-face with a black bear in any situation can be a very alarming experience. However, as bears continue to check out urban areas, it could become more common. The official advice in this situation is to stay calm and remember that black bear attacks on humans are rare.

It may be best to let the bear do what they want to do and then move on. Watch them from a safe distance, preferably from inside a building or another vehicle. If there is no sign of the bear leaving on its own, try to scare it away. You can do this by boldly shouting, banging on something, slamming doors or throwing something at it. Have some bear spray ready in case you have to use it to defend yourself.

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Black bear
Black bears very rarely attack humans – they are simply looking for food!

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What Measures Can Be Taken to Prevent Bear-Human Conflicts?

Human-bear conflicts can occur on campsites, on trails or in the woods and in urban areas. The most important measure in all of these situations is to not encourage bears to come towards you. This means removing all available food, including waste food and never feeding the bears.

Also, whenin woods and trails, bears do not like to be startled so try to walk in a group and make plenty of noise. That way they will probably hear you coming and run away. At campsites, make sure that the bear has an escape route and does not feel trapped. Finally, always talk in calm tones as you back away and be prepared to use bear spray if you need to.

Watch the Amazing Footage Below

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