Hero Mom Throws a Determined Racoon Barehanded Like a Shot Put

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: December 7, 2022
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If you are looking for some cute racoon footage – this is not for you. The incident is so disturbing it has been reported by online news sites. It captures the moment when a racoon launches an unprovoked attack on a little girl outside her own front door in Connecticut, US.

Unprovoked Racoon Attack

We learn from the news reports that the attack happened in December 2022. It shows seven-year-old Rylee MacNamara screaming and shaking her leg. Attached to her lower leg is a racoon and it is not letting go! The child is clearly terrified and her cries soon attract the attention of her mother.

Mom Kelsey grabs both the hysterical child and the racoon and attempts to separate them but it is not easy and the racoon clings on. Eventually, she has the racoon by the neck and bundles Rylee in through the front door and to safety. She then has to remove the racoon from her own arm! It takes two attempts to sling the animal down the road before she too bolts into the safety of the house.

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Racoon in undergrowth
Racoons can carry a number of diseases including rabies

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Racoon Attacks on Humans

Racoons are the size of small dogs and are usually asleep during the day. They have adapted to urban living and take advantage of the food and shelter that human settlements offer. Many humans, however, are not that keen on them because they have been known to attack domestic animals and pets. They can also carry several diseases including rabies, canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis and pseudorabies.

So, could this racoon have had rabies? The news report does not mention that the little girl or her mother became infected. However, it is unusual for a racoon to be aggressive towards humans unless they are provoked or sick. Female racoons will also protect their young. Perhaps this racoon was sick with a disease like rabies and that may have triggered the attack.

Racoons are able to cause some nasty injuries. Their claws are long and sharp and they have strong jaws. Basically, racoons can put up a good fight should they choose to and they can be very unpredictable. We hope that both the little girl and her Mom get over this nasty experience soon.

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Racoon growling
Racoons will attack if provoked
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