How Big Do Maine Coon Cats Get?

Written by Emmanuel Kingsley
Published: February 28, 2022
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Maine Coon cats are one of the most loved breeds in the United States. They have a long, smooth, and silky coat that will make you fall in love with them. Maine Coon cats come in a variety of colors such as solid white, cream, and black. They also come in various patterns, including tabby, tortoiseshell, shaded, bi-color, and calico.

Maine Coon cats are usually playful, and they maintain being kitten-like all through their lives, even when they become old. They are the largest domestic cat breed, and their largeness is one of their distinguishing physical characteristics. Now, you’re wondering: how big can Maine Coon cats get? Let’s find out!

How Big Do Maine Coon Cats Get?

Longest Cats - Maine Coon
Maine Coon cats weigh about 8-18 pounds and grow as tall as 10 inches.

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Maine Coon cats are sturdily built felines weighing about 8-18 pounds. They are usually about 9-10 inches tall and a commendable 40 inches in length. Additionally, Maine Coon cats have muscular body structures with solid legs and broad chests.

Fully grown males generally weigh anywhere between 12 and 18 pounds, while a fully grown female Maine Coon cat weighs around 8 to 12 pounds. However, it takes up to four to five years before a Maine Coon cat can attain its full length.

Also, an overweight Maine Coon cat attains a weight of about 35 pounds. This weight is rare but not impossible. It is important to note that Maine Coon cats are usually naturally big due to their slow growth rate, which allows their muscles and bone structure to develop very well. Maine Coon cats grow at the rate of two pounds per month from 3 months to 7 months. 

If perhaps you notice your Maine Coon cat is relatively small, it may just be because it is not genetically inclined to grow large. However, certain factors such as health issues, small parents (parents being on the lower size of growth spectrum), mixed breed, and diet deficiency also affect the overall growth of Maine Coons.

How to Maintain the Size of a Maine Coon Cat

Scariest cat - Maine Coon
Feeding your Maine Coon cat properly is important for its growth. Ginak

  • Feed your Maine Coon cats top-notch cat food to ensure their healthiness. You should also strictly monitor their diet to prevent them from overeating. Additionally, you should know how often and how much to feed your cats per time.
  • There is no need for any special exercise for Maine Coon cats – they maintain the same schedule of activities as other cats. This includes playful bouts of running and jumping through the house, as well as extended hours of sleep.

What is The Biggest Breed of a Maine Coon Cat?

The largest Maine Coon cat ever is as well a fair contender for the Maine Coon cat with the longest name. Mymains Stewart Gilligan measured an appealing 48.5 inches in length. Stewie was a gray tabby Maine Coon that was owned by Robin Hendrickson, who resided in Reno, Nevada.

Sadly, Stewie died of cancer in 2013, and ever since then, the title of the biggest Maine Coon cat has been awarded to Barivel, who is still living. He was born in September 2016, and as of May 2018, Barivel was 47.2 inches long. The name Barivel means “joker” or “clown” in Italian, and he lives in Vigevano in Italy.

According to the owners of these cats, no special diet was followed and no strange breeding method was carried out to influence the extent of the cats’ growth. Which means they practically didn’t stop growing.

How Can You Make a Maine Coon Cat Grow Big?

Friendliest Cats - Maine Coon
The size of a Maine Coon cat is determined by its genetics.

Galina Zhilinskya/

Genetics majorly determines how big your Maine Coon cat can get. So asides growing naturally, there is no other way to enhance or hasten your cat’s growth. However, providing a sufficient quantity of food with a lot of protein can help to accelerate the growth of your Maine Coon cat to its full size.

Differences Between Maine Coon Cats and Regular House Cats

Although a Maine Coon cat and a regular house cat share many similarities as members of the Felinae family, they are different from each other. We’ll look at some of these differences below.

Maine Coon Cat vs Regular Cat: Size

Admittedly, Maine Coon cats are weightier than regular house cats. Male Maine Coons weigh about 12-18 pounds on average, while male house cats averagely weigh about 9-10 pounds. With this, it is apparent Maine Coon cats have a vivid weight advantage.

Female Maine Coon cats weigh about 8-12 pounds on average, while female house cats averagely weigh about 8-9 pounds. This implies that some of the largest regular house cats have the same weight as some smaller female Maine Coons. The biggest female Maine Coons are often weightier than the biggest regular male house cats.

Maine Coon Cat vs Regular Cat: Length

Length is another metric used to compare Maine Coon cats with other cats. The body length is determined from the nose to the base of the tail. Both male and female Maine Coons, on average, are 19-30 inches long, while male and female regular house cats weigh about 15-20 inches. This means even the shortest Maine Coon cats are about the same length as the longest regular house cats. 

Maine Coon Cat vs Regular Cat: Tails

Male and female Maine Coons have tails that are averagely about 12-18 inches in length, while the regular cats have an average tail length of just 10 inches. At the top of the spectrum, it is noticed that a Maine Coon cat has a tail that is almost twice the length of that of a regular cat.

Fun Facts About Maine Coon Cats

  • Maine Coon cats are soft and gentle giants who enjoy the company of humans. Therefore, do not allow their size to deceive you.
  • Though they are social and affectionate, they are not often lap cats. That is, the breed would rather hang out beside you than on top of you. Taking their size into consideration, this is a good thing.
  • Shockingly, these big cats are quiet. They love to vocalize and communicate with humans with their soft voices.
  • The majority of Maine Coon cats enjoy playing in the water. This means they may get involved whenever you do the dishes or follow you into the shower.

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