How Big Is Disneyland? Compare Its Size in Miles, Acres, Kilometers, and More!

Written by Shanti Ryle
Published: June 21, 2023
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Disneyland is one of the United States’ most popular theme parks, attracting millions of visitors year-round from around the globe to sunny California. But whether you’re a long-time parkgoer, have a visit approaching, or are simply a curious Disney lover, you may be wondering, just how big is Disneyland in size?

When Walt Disney first purchased the plot in rural Anaheim, CA, in 1954, it was a healthy 160 acres. In the decades since, what was just one park has expanded into a full-on resort with multiple hotels, two theme parks, and a Downtown Disney shopping strip.

Read on for our full breakdown of how big Disneyland is in acres, miles, and kilometers, and understand exactly what kind of walking experience you’re in for when visiting the beloved theme park.

How Many Acres Is Disneyland?

Disneyland in Anaheim, California

Two theme parks fill the 500 acres of land the park occupies: Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

©Glenn Taylor/

The full Disneyland Resort in California stretches across approximately 500 acres of land within Anaheim. Two main theme parks make up the meat of the resort: Disneyland proper and Disney’s California Adventure Park. The parks’ many lands, attractions, restaurants, venues, and rides make up the bulk of Disneyland’s size.

Disneyland itself consists of several so-called “lands,” including Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and the newly added Star Wars Land, which are themed areas within the park. In total, Disneyland covers about 85 acres or 34 hectares of land. Across the courtyard, California Adventure Park spans another 72 acres and offers an expanse of themed lands and attractions, including Pixar Pier and the Avengers Campus.

However, stretching between the two theme parks is a collection of hotels, and shopping experiences open for the public to visit. Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, the Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, and the strip of shops in Downtown Disney fill in the remaining acreage at the resort. 

How Many Square Miles (And KM) Is Disneyland?

When converting Disneyland’s total 500 acres, the math works out to approximately 0.78 square miles and 2.02 square kilometers. A full lap around the perimeter of Disneyland Park will walk visitors about 1.5 miles in total. 

While this sounds manageable compared to the number of attractions and entertainment stuffed into Disneyland resort, many tourists are surprised at the step count they complete on a Disney day. In fact, most people will walk an average of 7-9 miles per day and take an average of 14,000-18,000 steps while visiting just one park.

How Big Is Disneyland Compared to Disney World?

Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida

Disney World in Orlando, FL, is much larger than Disneyland.

©Clément Bardot / CC BY-SA 4.0 – License

Disneyland Park is the original Disney attraction, and for its size, it packs in a whole lot of Disney magic. However, the Disneyland resort pales in comparison when one looks across the country. The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, clocks in at a mind-boggling 27,258 acres, or 43 square miles/111.37 square kilometers. For comparison, 51 Disneyland parks could fit inside Walt Disney World.

Anaheim lacked enough room for Disneyland to seriously expand throughout the decades, but when Disney looked to create a new park in the United States, Orlando had plenty of land on which to build an unforgettable resort experience. Walt Disney World includes four theme parks, two water parks, shopping and entertainment attractions, and 27 hotels.

Walt Disney World’s The Magic Kingdom also contains recreations of many of Disneyland’s most beloved rides and attractions, including It’s a Small World and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Visitors can also explore Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and even visit giraffes and elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

Theme ParkAcresMilesKilometers
Disneyland Resort500 acres0.78 square miles2.02 square kilometers
Walt Disney World Resort27,258 acres43 square miles111.37 square kilometers

The Bottom Line

When preparing for a Disneyland trip, it’s just as important to know how much walking you’ll do in a given day as it is to plan out rides and get ready to explore the park. While visitors can expect to have a great time riding iconic rides like Space Mountain and Alice in Wonderland’s Teacups or even spotting one of Disneyland’s many cats, guests are sure to get plenty of steps and exercise in on their visit.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Glenn Taylor/

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