How Big Is The Villages in Florida? Compare Its Size in Miles, Acres, Kilometers, and More!

Aerial summer view of warm sunny neighborhood community roofs with diagonal streets and lots of houses with pools and palm trees.

Written by Mandy Trotti

Updated: September 22, 2023

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The Villages is dubbed Florida’s friendliest retirement community. In fact, it’s the largest age-restricted community in the world. Even the city of Manhattan is dwarfed by the size of this world-famous active adult community. But, just how big is The Villages in Florida? Below we break down its size in miles, acres, kilometers, and more.

What Are The Villages in Florida?

aerial view of entrance to Florida golf park similar to one of the many golf courses found at The Villages in Florida.

The Villages in Florida has 56 golf courses.

The Villages in Florida began as a small neighborhood compromised of mobile homes in 1978 by Michigan businessman and real estate developer Harold Schwartz alongside his son, H. Gary Morse. During one of the state’s land booms, Schwartz saw an opportunity to develop Florida’s grasslands. He bought a massive plot of land and then turned it into a residential area so northern retirees had their own piece of southern paradise. 

The community’s original name was Orange Blossom Gardens until it grew beyond its original development in the 90s. In 1992 it was renamed The Villages and had over 8,000 residents and three golf courses.

Now, this sprawling 55+ residential community dubbed the Mecca or Retirees, sprawls across three counties: Sumter County, Marion County, and Lake County. It’s considered a “master-planned” community because it includes a residential area and many recreational and commercial locations.

The Villages in Florida is about an hour from Orlando, or 45 miles northwest, in a rural region of Central Florida. It’s also 20 miles southeast of Ocala and 75 miles northeast of Tampa. When most people imagine a large community, they often think of a residential block that goes on for miles. However, the community is made up of a collection of smaller neighborhoods. Each smaller sub-community has unique characteristics ranging from 100 homes to 1,000 homes.

The idea behind The Villages is to accommodate every resident with access to everything they need with only a relaxing golf cart ride.

How Many People Live in The Villages?

Aerial summer view of warm sunny neighborhood community roofs with diagonal streets and lots of houses with pools and palm trees.

145,000 residents call The Villages home.

Residents of The Villages are called Villagers. Those who reside here come from all over the country to spend their golden years relaxing under the Florida sun and playing golf. As of 2023, there are over 145,000 residents living in The Villages.

Very few children or young people reside here because The Villages is an age-restricted community. However, those under 19 are permitted to visit with a guest ID for a maximum of 30 days unless they are granted an exemption. In these cases, several charter schools in the community accommodate children of all ages. Currently, the average age of residents in the community is 60 years old. 

Some people from all over the world live in The Villages in Florida. If someone is unsure if this unique community is for them, they can stay a week and tour the community before deciding to move in. Or prospective villagers can rent a property on a monthly or seasonal basis. They also have one of the largest veteran populations of any community in the nation, trailing Mountain Home, Idaho, which is located beside an Air Force base.

How Many Acres Is The Villages?

The Villages in Florida offers over 35 community centers, 80 outdoor pools, and 56 golf courses. There is also an assortment of town squares, retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, cafes, and more, so residents enjoy all the activities they love without straying too far from the area.

The entire area is self-sufficient, with banks, post offices, health care centers, and hundreds of recreational amenities. Most importantly, over 100 miles of legal golf cart streets and trails connect the community.

But how big is The Villages in Florida? Altogether The Villages spans over 51,200 acres of land, but the property area alone covers about 33,000 acres. However, the measurements of the community change because they continue to quickly expand farther into the state.

How Many Square Miles Is The Villages in Florida?

The Villages in Florida continues to grow, but with both major areas combined, the community is approximately 80 square miles. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. There are about 78 different villages. But Duval is the largest residential area within The Villages, with 1,550 homes.

How Many Kilometers Is The Villages in Florida?

The Villages is 80 square miles, which is a little over 207 square kilometers. The large area supports the unique lifestyle of the residents who call the area home. The environment supports a child-like carefree attitude due to the strength of community support and easy access to practical accommodations.

Size Summary of The Villages in Florida

Population145,000 people
Area51,200 acres (total)
33,000 acres (residential property)
80 mi²
207 km²
Area and Population of The Villages in Florida

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