How Deep is Lake Geneva? Plus Other Incredible Facts

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: May 31, 2023
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Switzerland is known as one of the most beautiful mountain countries in the world. As such, it’s no wonder they have some of the most beautiful water-ringed lakes! Lake Geneva is a famous lake that has a history as deep as its waters. Today, we are going to find out just how deep it is, plus a few other fun facts. Let’s discover: How Deep is Lake Geneva?

Where is Lake Geneva located?

Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva is located on the border of Switzerland and France.

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Lake Geneva is a large, deep lake that is found in the Alps, the longest and most extensive mountains range in Europe. Situated on the northern side of the Alps lies Lake Geneva. It lies on the border between Switzerland and France, although Switzerland owns about 60% of the lake and France the remaining 40%.

The name of the lake doesn’t have a well-documented history, although we do know that the name Lacus Lemanus was used around the time of Julius Ceasar. Lemanus comes from Greek and means “port’s lake.” This name was then changed to Lacus Lausonius and then Lacus Losanetes, and finally Lac de Lausanne in the Middle ages. When the city of Geneva became more established, it became known as Lac de Genève. Translated to English, it goes by Lake Geneva.

How deep is Lake Geneva?

Lake Geneva has a maximum depth of 1,020 feet and an average depth of 507 feet.

The lake has three segments that were all formed through various methods. The “upper lake”, “large lake”, and “small lake” were all formed uniquely. The formation methods that created Lake Geneva include sedimentation from the rivers. tectonic folding, and glacial erosion. The deepest portions of the lake were formed by tectonic folding and glacial erosion.

How big is Lake Geneva?

Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Europe, with a surface area of 224 square miles.

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Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. Additionally, it’s the largest body of water in Switzerland, forming a crescent with horns pointing south.

It has a surface area of 224 square miles and a total water volume of 21 cubic miles. Additionally, the maximum length of the lake spans 45 miles, while the maximum width of the lake spans 8.7 miles.

What is Lake Geneva known for?

Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva is known for its natural beauty.


Lake Geneva is one of the more famous lakes in Europe. Aside from its historical significance, the lake is currently known for its natural beauty, sporting events, and tourism.

The shores of Lake Geneva are often ringed by beautiful vines, castles, and snowy peaks. The cities and small towns that ring the lake make for one of the most stunning landscapes on any body of freshwater in the world. More recently, the lake has been home to various sporting tournaments, including yacht racing, racing catamarans, rowing, and swimming.

The beauty, sporting events, and summer water activities have turned Lake Geneva into one of the more popular tourist destinations in the region. Famous locations include Chillon Castle, St. Peters Cathedral, and even the European headquarters for the United Nations.

What major cities and towns are located on Lake Geneva?

Lake Geneva
The most important city around Lake Geneva is Geneva, the second most populated city in Switzerland.


The size of Lake Geneva makes it a prominent place for many small towns, although there are a few large cities along its shores. The largest city in the region is Geneva, the city after which the lake is named after. Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland and is known as a financial city, the headquarters of many UN agencies, and the headquarters of the Red Cross.

Outside of Geneva, other major cities (and communes) include Lausanne, Évian-les-Bains, Thonon-les-Bains, and Montreux.

Where Is Lake Geneva Located on a Map?

Lake Geneva, also known as Lac Léman, is a curved lake that spans across France and Switzerland, with the majestic Alps as its backdrop. At the southern tip lies Geneva, a prominent diplomatic center boasting luxury boutiques and a charming old town.

On the French side, you’ll find the tranquil spa town of Évian-les-Bains. Along the northern shoreline stretches the elegant Swiss Riviera, adorned with palm trees, extending from Lausanne to Montreux.

Here is Lake Geneva on a map:

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Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva is located on the border of Switzerland and France.
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