French Bulldog Lifespan: How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

Written by August Croft
Updated: June 29, 2023
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Known for their squashed faces and adorable personalities, French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs worldwide. It doesn’t take a genius to guess why- but how long do French bulldogs live?

Before you adopt a Frenchie as they are affectionately known, you should know what to expect from your new pet, including how long they are expected to live, their average life cycle, and how you can help extend their lifespan as they age.

Ready to learn all about Frenchies? Let’s get started!

How long do french bulldogs live?

Known for their squashed faces and adorable personalities, French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs worldwide.

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How Long Do French Bulldogs Live?

French bulldogs live an average of 10-13 years. This number can vary drastically due to poor breeding, overall genetics and health of the individual dog, and owner care. However, when properly cared for, many Frenchies live long and happy lives!

Many small dog breeds tend to live longer than large dog breeds. Scientists don’t quite understand this, given that it is the opposite when compared to any other animal on the planet. However, Frenchies are generally considered small to medium-sized dogs, making their lifespan longer than large dogs.

From birth to old age, what is life like for a French bulldog? You may not know what your pup went through when it was first born- let’s learn more about this part of a Frenchie’s life now!

How long do french bulldogs live?
French bulldogs live an average of 10-13 years.


The Average French Bulldog Life Cycle

Now you know the answer to the question, “How long do French bulldogs live?”, we’ll take a look at their lifecycle. Many dogs have very similar life cycles, but are Frenchies an exception? Let’s talk about the average French bulldog lifestyle and where you fit in as a pet owner.

Newborn Frenchies

Most mother Frenchies can only give birth to two or three babies per litter, as the size of the mother greatly influences this. Like all other species of dog, French bulldog newborns are born without the use of most of their senses- the exception being their sense of touch and taste.

Frenchies should stay with their mothers for some time after they are born, as they will need her milk and protection to feel safe and comfortable. After four weeks have passed, French bulldog puppies will have the use of all of their senses, and they will begin learning things from their mother and littermates.

How long do french bulldogs live?

 Frenchies are generally considered small to medium-sized dogs, making their lifespan longer than large dogs.


Young Pups

Who doesn’t love a French bulldog puppy!? During the first three months of your Frenchie’s life, it should be properly socialized and cared for. This can include care from humans as well as a Frenchie’s mother and littermates.

Playtime is very important for a French bulldog. They are generally considered friendly and playful dogs, so encouraging this behavior is likely to make for a happy and well-adjusted adult. After six months have passed, you will no doubt be your Frenchie’s main influence!

Adult French Bulldogs

How long do french bulldogs live?

Your Frenchie will be a playful, happy, and friendly dog until it has reached roughly 7-8 years of age.


French bulldogs, along with many other smaller dog breeds, are considered adults when they have reached one year of age. This is usually the time when your Frenchie will stop growing as well. Male French bulldogs are often larger than females.

Your Frenchie will be a playful, happy, and friendly dog until it has reached roughly 7-8 years of age. By this time, your French bulldog is considered a senior. However, it will still have an abundance of energy and affection for you.

Any senior dog requires special care, especially an older Frenchie. While most older dogs have issues with their joints and cancer, French bulldogs can also go through skin and respiratory problems that many other dogs don’t have.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Pet Frenchie

How long do french bulldogs live?

Though French Bulldogs come in a range of colors, fawn “Frenchies” are popular.


Before you adopt a French bulldog, you should take the time to consider what you can do to extend the lifespan of your Frenchie. These dogs make wonderful companions for households of all shapes and sizes- a French bulldog deserves to be in your life for a long time!

Wondering how you can help extend the lifespan of your new pet? Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to their diet. Like many other small dogs, Frenchies can gain weight much more easily than you may expect. By feeding them a high-fiber diet and not too many treats, you can keep your Frenchie at an appropriate weight and easily extend their life.
  • Consider all-natural cleaning products. Your French bulldog will be naturally curious at any age. However, curiosity can lead to trouble, especially with a smushed-faced dog. Your Frenchie may end up breathing in unhealthy or chemical-based cleaning products without you knowing. This can happen through doing laundry or simply cleaning your floors. Keep your Frenchie in mind when you shop for cleaning products!
  • Watch out for anxiety. While Frenchies are usually very friendly and happy dogs, you should always pay attention to whether or not your bulldog is feeling anxious or upset. Anxiety can take a toll on anyone’s life, especially the life of our sweet pets. Your French bulldog may experience extra anxiety during stressful situations, such as moving, new family members entering their lives, and more.
  • Find a good veterinarian. A reliable and knowledgeable vet can go a long way, and it is even better if your Frenchie can see the same vet year after year. This way, your vet can alert you to any major changes in your dog’s personality or health and you can have someone you trust to take care of them!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Lesya Pogosskaya/

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