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How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Entertained

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Entertained

27th August 2018

Guinea pigs are sociable and intelligent. They make popular pets that children all around the world adore playing with. A downside of owning such a small and adorable pet is that they get bored just like any other animal and risk getting fat. It's easy to learn how to keep your guinea pig healthy and entertained only by following some basic rules.

Guinea pigs or Cavies need both human affection and entertainment. You can keep your little pig pet happy without emptying the nearest specialized store.

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Entertained
How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Entertained, Copyright Depositphotos.com
How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Entertained, Copyright Depositphotos.com

Guinea Pigs Toys

The best guinea pigs toys cover their most basic necessities. From toys that satisfy their chewing instincts to those that offer mental stimulation and even their need to explore and exercise, the happiest guinea pigs are those who have enough toys to keep them occupied. Check out the list in the linked article as the toys are manufactured around the task to equally offer both entertainment and exercise. 

DIY Guinea Pig Toys

Those of you who feel crafty can also quickly build a toy. Here’s what you need to do. 

  • Create paper bags that your guinea pig can hide in. Design such a bag using a regular paper and making a few small holes that the pig can peak through. Cut the tube of the paper bag open to allow your tiny pig to run through the makeshift tunnel. Start by hiding a few treats in the tunnel to start the game. 
  • Crumple up a paper into a ball and let the guinea play when it gets out of the cage. The pig will enjoy the noise the paper makes. 
  • Use an old sock stuffed with clean animal bedding material. Tie the hose on one end and cut off the other until it looks like a pillow. The cavy will enjoy chewing it for minutes.
  • Tennis and ping pong balls are easy ways to keep your guinea up and running around the cage. They allow the cavy to entertain itself when you’re not around. 
  • Tie a small treat to a cord and drag it across the floor a bit faster than the speed of your running guinea's pig. Don't let it get stuck on the wire or chew parts of it. Guineas enjoy food hunts. Hide the treat somewhere, untie it and let the pig find it.

Guinea Pig Treats

Guinea pigs are so sociable that they even make therapeutic animals, according to a study. However, they also need rewards. Any pet enjoys treats, and guinea pigs also do. You can reward the cavy with a treat once in a while and also make sure their menu is diverse.

  • Hang carrots or apples on strings around the cage to offer your guinea some healthy treats.
  • Place the small treats in hard to reach areas to help them stand on hind legs to grab the gifts. This exercise is proper muscle stimulation.
  • Think about surprises. The food smell engages guinea pigs to play and explore. Place a few small bits of carrots at the end of a cardboard tube or inside a paper bag. Let the cavy explore and discover where his or her favourite food is. 
  • Appletree wood is safe for the guinea pig. You shouldn't build cages out of it as they love to chew them. However, if you add small wood pieces to the cage once in a while, you keep their teeth healthy. 

Guinea Pig Exercise

Caring for the cavy also involves looking out for its weight. There are fun exercises that help you discover even more techniques that teach you how to keep your guinea pig healthy and entertained. 

  • Place the cage in a place that has plenty of visibility. Guineas are curious and look around, primarily through the window. 
  • Let the guinea pig wander around in an optimized garden. Let them run around while monitoring them. However, make sure that the temperature doesn’t go beyond 80˚F (26˚C), to avoid potential hyperthermia issues. 
  • Remove all dangerous items from the living room and let the cavy run around and explore. Alternatively, you can create a play safe space out of a small cardboard box with some holes cut on the sides. 

The classical exercise wheel is also essential for your guinea pig. Exercising for as long as they feel like it keeps them in shape and helps you avoid damaging their spines.

How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy and Entertained

So, how to keep your guinea pig healthy and entertained? You only need to provide them with joy and activities. Other said you reward them with the reasons why you also like them. You should nurture them with affection, companionship and – of course – treats.

Guinea pigs are adorable, curious, intelligent and quick. You enjoy petting their fur and watching them chase a favourite treat. Make a routine out of playing with the cavy and make sure it stays happy!