Huge Florida Gator Eats a Smaller Florida Gator in Most Florida Video Ever

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: November 9, 2023

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Florida is known for a lot of things, and alligators are one of them! These historic predators love basking in the hot, Florida sun in marshes, swamps, rivers, and lakes. Alligators can reach typical lengths of 13 feet and weights of up to 800 pounds. There is a tendency for females to be smaller than males. 

The biggest alligator ever captured, based on the Everglades National Park, was 17 feet, 5 inches long. Fish, birds, turtles, different animals, and other reptiles make up the majority of their diet. The alligator will consume larger prey, such as deer, bears, razorbacks, or other alligators if it grows large enough. 

The gator usually drowns prey by violently whirling it in the water if it is too big to eat in one bite. This is often referred to as a “death roll.” It will then be stored away for a few days to allow for decomposition and later easier consumption.

The notoriously ferocious alligator is a member of a small group of creatures that engage in cannibalism. This describes an animal consuming another creature of its own species. These animals don’t get huge by snacking on guppies all day. 

Is it Normal for Alligators to Cannibalize?

Alligator Close Up

It is normal for alligators to engage in cannibalism.

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Yes, it is normal for alligators to engage in cannibalism, it is more common in situations where food is scarce. Alligators are opportunistic predators, meaning they will eat whatever is available to them. If there is a shortage of their preferred prey, such as fish or small mammals, alligators may turn to other sources of food, including other alligators.

Cannibalism is more common among young alligators, as they are more vulnerable to predation and competition for food. Adult alligators are less likely to engage in cannibalism, but it can still occur in certain circumstances.

It’s also worth noting that alligators are apex predators, meaning they play a critical role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem they inhabit. Their feeding habits, including cannibalism, may help control the population of other animals, like fish and small mammals, which in turn, affects their predator and prey relationship.

Where Do Alligators Live?

two alligators

Alligators are frequently found on golf courses in Florida.

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Alligators primarily live in freshwater environments, such as swamps, marshes, and wetlands in the southeastern United States, specifically in the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and North and South Carolina.

The American alligator is found primarily in the wetlands of the southeastern United States, from North Carolina to the Rio Grande in Texas, but can also be found in parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and southeast Kansas.

The alligator’s habitat includes freshwater swamps, marshes, and wetlands, as well as cypress swamps, riverine swamps, and mangrove swamps.

A Tasty Meal

alligator with its mouth hanging open

Any standing body of water in Florida could house a gator, making swamps, rivers, lakes, and drainage pools all potentially dangerous.

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A shocking video shows a giant alligator having a much smaller gator as a meal. It’s as fascinating as it is disturbing. It’s not uncommon for larger alligators to eat ones that are smaller than them. 

Larger adult males that have created a certain region tend to experience it. When inferior males appear during mating season, they battle, and the victor consumes the loser. It’s like a twisted, animal version of The Hunger Games.

Surprisingly, alligators prefer not to eat each other. Only 6% to 7% of alligators succumb to cannibalism. The gator in this video eventually walks around with its meal hanging out of its mouth. That’s when we get an idea of the size difference between the two. 

Most of the time, American alligators hunt at night. When large prey is caught, it is dragged underwater and drowned before being eaten. American alligators also have a glottis, which is a throat adaption. They may now catch prey that is entirely immersed in the water thanks to this.

Alligators are a distinctive feature of Florida, and we need to cultivate an appreciation for them. Although they may appear imposing, alligators are actually frightened of people and rarely attack. Instead, attacks tend to happen when people interact with alligators in an unnatural way (such as feeding them), disturb their territory, or endanger their young. 

A good relationship with our untamed neighbors depends on habitat preservation, respect, and a basic grasp of alligator behavior. Take a look at the shocking video below to see what Florida wildlife brings to the table and steer clear of gators if you ever come across one.

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