Hungry Bears Raid a Krispy Kreme Van and Gobble Down 26 Packs of Doughnuts

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: September 25, 2023
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The Krispy Kreme store in Muldoon, Alaska was the victim of a recent daring robbery. The store manager was alerted by a call but she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. It was a delivery driver letting her know that some black bears were in the back of his van helping themselves to the doughnuts!

He had stopped to make one of his regular deliveries on a military base and had left the van unattended for a short while with the back doors open. A cheeky mother black bear and her cubs seize the opportunity to help themselves to a sweet snack. It turns out that they are regular visitors to the area. The female involved in the incident normally helps herself to garbage but on this particular morning, she struck lucky and found herself some fresh doughnuts!

Bears Help Themselves to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

The military base store manager, Shelly Deano, had heard noises coming from the van and worked out what happened. She could even hear them ripping open the packages and managed to get a couple of pictures of them. So, what type of doughnuts do black bears like? These guys polished off 20 packs of doughnut holes and six packs of three chocolate doughnuts!

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From now on, Krispy Kreme delivery drivers in the area will be taking a few precautions to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Van doors will not be left open in the future!

It took some loud sirens to eventually get the bears to leave the back of the van.

black bear

Black bears have large noses and an excellent sense of smell for locating doughnuts!

© Fuller Photography

Is It Okay for Black Bears to Eat Human Food?

From a bear’s point of view, human food is a calorie-rich source of nutrition that is quite easy to get hold of. It’s a lot easier to help yourself to a trashcan than to have to catch your prey. However, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game makes it quite clear that it is not a good idea for bears to eat human food. It is actually against the law to feed bears intentionally. Black Bears who are used to finding human food in certain locations will return there over and over again. This can make them a nuisance and bears who become used to obtaining food in this way can become aggressive. The only way to prevent this is to keep all human food sources out of their reach.

Black bears have an excellent sense of smell and would certainly be able to detect doughnuts in the back of the van. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to limit the amount of time that the van doors are open. Hopefully, that will prevent this situation from occurring in the future. Here’s the full video of the incident.

Watch the Incredible Footage Below

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