Husky vs. Wild Boar: Which Animal Would Win a Fight?

Written by Crystal
Published: March 29, 2023
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What would happen in a husky vs. wild boar fight?

There are nearly 6 million wild boars living throughout the United States. If one stumbles into the backyard of a husky, what would happen next? It’s time to find out as we compare each species’ size, appearance, history, and temperament to see who would have the advantage in a fight. Keep reading to see how this animal showdown will play out.

Husky: Size and Appearance

siberian husky
At the high end, huskies generally weigh between 50 and 60 pounds.


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Huskies are a medium to large dog breed. But like all animals, their size can vary. Husky puppies grow up quickly, reaching adult height within a year. Throughout their adult life, they’ll continue to fill out. On average, they are between 20 to 24 inches tall and weigh around 40 to 60 pounds. Females are slightly smaller weighing 35 to 50 pounds and standing 20 to 22 inches.

Huskies draw a lot of attention with their wolf-like profile, blue eyes, and lovely thick coats. Their coats come in various colors and patterns, like black and white. Within the black and white category are jet-black huskies, considered to have monochrome coats. They also usually have black pigmentation on the roof of their mouths and paw pads. The black-and-white color combination also has black and dilute black huskies.

Black and white coat colors are just the beginning. Huskies can also have gray and white combinations, red and white, sable, agouti, or all-white coats. There’s also the wooly coat, which is slightly longer and fluffier than the traditional Siberian husky.

Husky: History and Temperament

Head shot of a husky with beautiful teeth
The high amount of energy huskies have would help them in a fight with a wild boar.

© Photography

Siberian huskies are playful, curious, and intelligent. This high-energy breed has a lineage that’s over 9,000 years old. They originate from the Chukchi people in Eastern Siberia. Then they went to Alaska in the early 1900s, working as sled dogs. Eventually, they begin assisting in sled races too.

Along with their focused nature, huskies have a natural love of running. Their high energy and eagerness to please make them the perfect choice for recreational and competitive mushers. The huskies’ high energy and stamina would definitely help them in a husky vs. wild boar fight.

Wild Boar: Size and Appearance

Largest Wild Boar - Giant Forest Hog - Invasive Animals
Feral pigs have impressive strength, as well as tusks on their lower jaw.

© huang

Wild boars, also called feral hogs, vary in size depending on where they live. Some wild boars have a shoulder height as low as 2 feet, while others grow to be an impressive 4 feet tall. Their average length is around 2 to 3 feet long. Females are usually smaller than males.

The wild boar usually has a red-brown coat with black horizontal stripes as juveniles. As they age, the stripes disappear, and their coat color changes and darkens. Their stout bodies become covered in dark gray, black, or brown hairs. There are also bristle hairs and a fine undercoat.

Even though they’re not tall, these mammals have a lot of energy, strength, and determination. They also have sharp tusks protruding from their lower jaw. Their powerful bodies allow them to charge tusks first at 30 mph. If you’ve ever seen a video of a wild boar charging toward someone, you’ll understand how intimidating they can look.

Wild Boar: History and Temperament

Wild boar, Sus scrofa sniffing ground
Feral pigs live throughout the United States, but they’re an invasive species from Europe.

© scrofa

Wild boars are an invasive species that first came to the United States in the 1500s. Early settlers and explorers used these large pigs as a food source. Eventually, free-range livestock practices resulted in the first wild pig populations in the United States. Over the years, the number of wild boars is continuing to grow. Large boars are terrorizing natural habitats, spreading diseases, and destroying crops.

Wild boars are also dangerous to humans and pets. There are reports of boars charging and attacking hikers, picnickers, and golfers. Human-related attacks become more likely when people feed the animals, causing them to lose their natural fear of humans.

Since they don’t have any natural predators, wild boars reserve most of their aggression for each other. When they fight with each other, they slam their heavy heads and tusks into their opponent, sometimes goring them. This intraspecies aggression increases as they age.

Who Wins in a Husky vs. Wild Boar Fight?

The odds are in the wild boar’s favor in a fight between it and a husky.


Who’s the winner? The wild boar would win a husky vs. wild boar fight. Let’s see why.

First, consider each species’ size and appearance. Wild boar sizes vary. Sometimes they’re close to 200 pounds, other times they weigh 400 pounds. In contrast, huskies usually weigh around 60 pounds. The feral hog outweighs it’s canine challenger by a lot.

The wild boar has two other fighting advantages, their sharp tusks. Protruding from the lower jaw, the tusks are designed for slashing, goring, and digging. And since the large pig can charge at speeds of 30 mph, it can drive the tusks deep into its opponent.

The good news is that huskies are also fast runners, capable of reaching speeds of 30 mph. Even though the husky might not be able to kill the wild boar, it could escape the encounter.

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