If You’ve Never Seen Hippos Fight, This Is Wild

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 9, 2022
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Seoul Grand Park is located in the city of Gawacheon in South Korea. Here, visitors can enjoy hiking trails, a rose garden, a children’s zoo, and the Grand Park Zoo where over 3,000 animals and 330 species live.

This video opens with a view of several hippos enjoying their natural enclosure. There’s one in the water, and two on land. You can hear the excited chatter of the crowd in the background as they comment on the views they’re enjoying.

Strongest animal bite – hippopotamus
Hippos are highly aggressive and territorial, so viscous battles are not uncommon.

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The hippo in the water begins moving toward the hippo on land, its large head creeping onto the edge. The hippo on land turns to its left, perhaps noticing that the hippo in the water is itching for a fight. The hippo in the water lets it be known this assumption is correct.

The hippo on land, as if to say, “I’m no coward,” swings back around, lets out a bellow, and opens its mouth wide, facing the hippo in the water. It keeps its mouth gaping open, bucks forward, and then walks toward the hippo in the water, right at the edge as the hippo in the water sinks down into the water.

The hippo in the water can’t get out that way and has to walk over to the ramp so it can make its way on land for this fight. They both open their mouths wide and threateningly toward one another. The crowd continues murmuring in delight and surprise.

The wet hippo has made it onto land and the land hippo seems to change its tune. It turns around and runs away from the wet hippo, which is now in full pursuit behind it. The crowd erupts in laughter as the dry hippo runs down into the water from another ramp on the other side of the water.

The other hippo stays on the ramp, watching as the hippo in the water runs away in the water. It makes it to the other side of the water and uses the original ramp to get out. Meanwhile, the third hippo has been watching everything calmly and from a distance.

The hippo that was originally in the water has returned to its spot, keeping its eyes intently on the other. Luckily, they didn’t have to use their razor-sharp teeth to hurt each other. It ended up being more of a game of cat and mouse instead of a full-on death match.

Two hippos face off at Seoul Grand Park.

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Hippo Attack
Hippos have been known to charge after humans!
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