Impolite Horse Farts, Scaring Themselves and Children At The Same Time

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: November 18, 2022
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This video starts with a scene out of a dream life! A beautiful, lush mountainside surrounds a pasture with two adorable children walking with their pet horses. It’s hard to beat such a serene atmosphere. 

The girls can be seen running back and forth to the side of the dirt road to fetch grass and hay for their hooved friend. While horses eat a lot, they can get something called “hay belly” when they eat too much.

The term “hay belly” refers to a bloated gut in a horse brought on by low-quality or low-protein feed that was not supplemented with grains. As a result, the horse‘s abdomen becomes bloated from an increase in feed volume and a reduction in muscle mass from a lack of protein.

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Not to worry – this black and white spotted stallion doesn’t have an issue with his digestion. We soon see a second horse. This one is has a gorgeous, shiny brown coat and keeps a relaxed pace between the children and their mother. 

Even with the girls running around, the horse still seems at ease. Horses can get spooked easily and retaliate. Clearly, this beloved pet has spent plenty of time with his human companions and is comfortable around the ruckus. 

Who Cut the Cheese?

As they continue on their leisurely stroll on the picturesque land, the horse needs to pass gas. The second he breaks wind, it spooks him and the child, and they both go running! You can only begin to imagine how gnarly a fart from a horse could be! 

Although it’s normal for all animals to pass gas, certain things in their diet can increase these silly toots. Large meals that are high in carbohydrates or sugar may result in gas production since the small intestine may not be able to absorb all of it. 

Young girl cuddles with brown horse.

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Surplus enters the hindgut and is quickly fermented by the bacteria there, resulting in gas. Consuming a lot of spring grass can also contribute to this. Surprisingly, similar to manure, horse farts don’t smell nearly as bad as other animals – thanks to their diet of mostly hay. 

The video footage of this hilarious instance comes with a plethora of equally side-splitting comments. One person writes, This was my last video of the night before heading to bed. I laughed myself wide awake!” 

Someone else shares quite the comparison by stating, “That fart was like a firecracker.”  Either way, this video is bound to put a smile on your face! 

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