10 Incredible Bernedoodle Facts

Written by Crystal
Published: September 17, 2022
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What do you get when mixing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard Poodle? A Bernedoodle!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are solid and loyal canines from Switzerland. Poodles are intelligent purebred dogs with famous wavy coats. That’s why a typical Bernedoodle puppy will be reliable, innovative, and have a curly coat!

What else should you know about this well-designed hybrid? Read on to learn incredible Bernedoodle facts.

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1. The Bernedoodle Costs Around $500-$5,000

White Bernedoodle sitting in a chair
A Bernedoodle puppy can cost over $5,000.

©Maria Bell/Shutterstock.com

Price is the first thing to discuss on our list of unbelievable Bernedoodle facts. If you’re thinking about buying a Bernedoodle puppy, you’ll want to start saving. The hybrid can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. That’s just for the puppy itself.

The true cost of owning a dog is a lot more. It would help if you also had a lot of money for the Bernedoodle’s quality food, vet bills, toys, grooming, and kennel. The larger the breed, the more you’ll need to spend yearly.

Bernedoodle puppies cost a lot, but they’re an excellent investment. These loyal, loving dogs will bring immense joy to your life. Just make sure you’re up for the challenge.

Beginner dog owners might want to start with an easier breed. Bernedoodles can be a bit much to handle when first learning about dogs.

2. Bernedoodles Have Hybrid Vigor

Since Bernedoodles are a carefully planned mixed breed, they have a unique phenomenon known as hybrid vigor. They can use new gene combinations to increase lifespan and decrease usual ailments.

One of the advantages of hybrid vigor is that it helps prevent certain types of cancers common to Bernese Mountain Dogs. It makes the hybrid incredibly healthy and can extend their lives.

In other words, Bernedoodles aren’t mutts. Instead, they’re carefully planned designer breeds. These dogs are bred with a specific purpose.

The goal of a Bernedoodle is to display the champion qualities of a Standard Poodle along with the unique features of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

3. Bernedoodles Hate Being Alone

Bernedoodle puppy playing with a ball in the grass
Bernedoodles need companionship to be happy.


Premier Bernedoodles weren’t bred to be alone. These dogs are family pets and do best in environments with a lot of interaction. Wherever the family is, that’s where Bernedoodles want to be.

Along with demanding attention, they also get a lot of attention. All it takes is one walk, and you’ll have people asking you what type of dog you have. Bernedoodles don’t mind the attention from strangers, though. They’re happy to show off.

4. Genetic Variations Alter Bernedoodles’ Colors

Standard pure breeds have specific color requirements. However, Bernedoodles have a bit of wiggle room. Since recombination and shuffling of new genetic variations occur, they don’t have a uniform color. Thankfully, a typical morphology can determine whether it’s a bona fide Bernedoodle.

As long as the breeders only use Standard Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs, they’ll be able to produce premier Bernedoodles. Looks aren’t everything, though. All dogs should also be able to pass strict health tests and display family-oriented personalities.

5. Bernedoodles Have Hypoallergenic Friendly Coats

Premiere Bernedoodles will shed minimally or not at all. It’s just another one of the incredible Bernedoodle facts that benefits owners.

A premier Bernedoodle tends to have a wavy, curly coat. This is because of breeders’ coat types when selecting Bernese Mountain Dogs. The goal is to help minimize shedding and, in some cases, get rid of it together.

The curly coat takes a little more grooming than a straight-haired coat. To avoid matting, breeders try to achieve a silky, wavy, curly coat with the least amount of shedding tendencies. Breeders must also ensure the Bernedoodles they’re breeding don’t carry a genetic marker called “improper coat.”

6. Bernedoodles Are Big Dogs

Adult male Bernedoodles can weigh over 90 pounds.


Have you ever had a big dog trying to sit on your lap like a puppy? If you own a Bernedoodle, you’re sure to have this experience.

While Bernedoodles are calm as adults, they can have some fun puppy energy until they’re 3 years old. It’s not uncommon for a large Bernedoodle puppy to jump on your lap as if it was still a baby.

The Standard Bernedoodle can get quite big! A female Standard Bernedoodle can weigh anywhere between 60 and 75 lb or more. She’ll be about 22 to 26 in at the withers. Males range between 75 and 90 lb and 24 to 28 in the withers. Owners who are looking for a smaller breed should look into getting toy-sized Bernedoodles.

7. Bernedoodles Have a Long Lifespan

Breeding Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs together help increase their lifespan. The longevity of well-bred Bernedoodles is around 12 to 14 years. In some cases, the hardy hybrid can live even longer!

Considering how fun, loyal, and playful these dogs are, it’s beautiful that they are known for their longevity. While breeders can’t guarantee lifespan, there are many things owners can do to improve it. For instance, providing the right environment and proper diet can help improve their longevity.

8. Bernedoodles Make Great Therapy Dogs

Bernedoodle adult laying in the grass
Bernedoodles are a perfect choice for therapy since they’re social and eager to please.


A lot of Bernedoodles are being chosen and trained to become therapy dogs. This hybrid is a perfect choice since they’re social and eager to please. While Bernedoodles can be a little stubborn at first, continuous training can produce great results.

Bernedoodles are happy to learn all sorts of commands and are great at following through. Any job that involves interacting with people will give Bernedoodles a chance to shine. They’ll get a daily dose of human companionship and the satisfaction of a job well done. As a fun bonus, the Bernedoodle’s cuddly personality can help soothe patients.

9. Bernedoodles Might Be Too Smart

Where do Bernedoodles get their intelligence from? Their Poodle parents. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds alive. Originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs, they can quickly learn new commands.

Bernedoodles inherit their intelligence, making it easy to train them. However, if they’re not properly engaged, a Bernedoodle’s intelligence can wind up causing problems.

Their intelligence level is similar to a toddler. Without a way to release their energy, such as visiting a dog park, Bernedoodles can get into much mischief. Thankfully, this is easily solved with a daily routine and training program.

10. Bernedoodles Love Playing Hide and Seek

These dogs love to play, and one of their favorite games to play is hide and seek. To play hide and seek with Bernedoodles, you’ll first need to teach them to stay in one place. As they lay in one place, you’ll go and hide. Then issue the command “find me” so the fun can begin.

Wait patiently as your Bernedoodle searches the entire house, sniffing out your scent. When it finally finds you, reward it with praise or give it a little treat. Then you can start the entire game over. Other dog breeds that enjoy playing games include Labradors, Jack Russell Terriers, and Australian Cattle Dogs.

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Bernedoodle adult laying in the grass
Bernedoodles enjoy cuddling and spending time with their family members. They will need adequate playtime and activity to balance cuddling and lounging, though.
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