Intense Tiger Fight Footage Causes Sweaty Palms

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: July 25, 2022
© Ramalho
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Kanha National Park is a tiger reserve located across the districts of Manada and Balaghat in India. It covers 363 square miles and is recognized as one of the best tourism-friendly national parks by the Department of Tourism, Government of India.

Tigers can be spotted throughout this national park along with other animals, including the swamp deer, Indian wild dog, jungle cat, Indian flying fox, and sloth bear. Tourists frequent the park for safari rides on open Jeeps.

Each safari is led by an experienced naturalist and tourists are taken either in the morning or the afternoon to enjoy the lush green, thick forest of Kanha National Park. This video opens with a too-close-for-comfort view of tigers from one of those open Jeeps on safari.

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Two Bengal tigers, Karnataka, India
Male Bengal tigers can reach lengths of 8 – 10 feet and weigh as much as 650 pounds!

©Paul Mannix / Creative Commons

The roars are bone-chilling as the two tigers jump up, standing erect on their hind legs, with their large paws swatting against each other. They each take several hits before returning to all fours on the ground. The dirt kicks up all around them, making it difficult to see them for a few seconds.

As the dust settles, the two tigers can be seen side-by-side, breathing heavily. The video zooms out and a third tiger can be seen standing as if in the role of a referee on an elevated piece of land just off to the left.

The camera zooms back in on the two tigers that have turned to face each other again. Their heads are close together, each one eyeing the other menacingly for a few short seconds before they both unleash an attack on the other.

Front paws rise into the air again to slam against the head and body of the other as they support their weight on their hind legs. Roars erupt again as they display intimidating postures. One of the tigers is obviously larger than the other but the smaller one is holding its ground.

The people on safari can be heard murmuring as they look on, adrenaline likely in full flow. The smaller tiger looks around and then approaches the larger tiger as the larger tiger begins to retreat. They both posture defiantly again with paws up but don’t make contact.

As the video comes to an end, it seems as though the two tigers’ dispute has been settled. They look at each other and then move into a side-by-side position to walk off.

Two tigers face off in an adrenaline-fueling fight during a safari ride in India’s Kanha National Park.

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tiger laying atop a rock
Tigers stealthily stalk their prey before attacking.
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