Intense Video Captures World’s Toughest Baby Hippo Surviving Attacks from Hyenas, Wild Dogs, and Buffaloes

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Written by Chris Madden

Updated: November 10, 2023

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pack of hippopotamus in Colombia
Guillermo Ossa/

Watch this heart-wrenching but ultimately impressive feat of sheer survival instinct as a tiny baby hippo survives the attacks of numerous predators over a long lonely night!

This is One Tough Baby Hippo, Baby!

Hippopotamus baby with mother

Baby hippos are fully weaned by 18 months old, but during this time they are exceptionally vulnerable and need constant protection!

Prepare to be astounded by an epic saga of survival that unfolds in the captivating video below. In this awe-inspiring footage, a baby hippo embarks on a harrowing journey of endurance, overcoming the relentless assaults of nature’s most formidable adversaries. Spanning close to a full day, the video chronicles the astonishing resilience of this young hippo as it faces an onslaught of unimaginable proportions. Against the odds, the baby hippo emerges unscathed from the clutches of at least ten ferocious hyenas. With relentless tenacity, it fends off their relentless attacks, refusing to succumb to exhaustion or give up. 

But the challenges are far from over. A pack of fifteen wild dogs, hungry and merciless, closes in on the weakened hippo. Undeterred by its weariness, the baby hippo summons a deep well of strength and determination, being repeatedly bitten by the ravenous wild dogs yet still holding on.

The video cuts to a few minutes later and we see the baby hippo has found its way back to a small drying-up watering hole. As if the trials were not enough, a water buffalo arrives on the scene and for a moment you couldn’t be blamed for imagining a cross-species rescue, but what happens to just about the opposite! This enraged buffalo, fuelled by aggression, charges at the already battle-worn hippo. With an incredible display of power, the buffalo flips the baby hippo into the air with its menacing horns. Yet, astonishingly, the indomitable spirit of the hippo prevails, and it emerges from the encounter with an unyielding will to survive.

The video reaches its climactic conclusion with heartwarming news: the baby hippo is reunited with its worried mother. Against all odds, this courageous hippo has managed to endure the seemingly insurmountable trials, leaving viewers in awe of its unbelievable ordeal. Witness this extraordinary tale of survival, where the indomitable spirit of a baby hippo triumphs over adversity and demonstrates the incredible strength that resides within the animal kingdom.

The Incredibly Tough and Unique Skin of a Hippo!

A hippo submerged in water, with only its eyes and nostrils visible

Hippo skin acts as a powerful first layer of defense for these huge creatures, but they need moisture consistently to stay in good health!

The toughness of a hippo’s skin offers remarkable evolutionary advantages that contribute to its survival in the wild. This formidable outer layer serves as a formidable defense against potential threats and the harsh environments in which hippos reside. As exemplified by the brave baby hippo in the video below this thick skin shields the hippo from the bites of predators, but it also reduces the risk of injury during territorial disputes amongst their own species or others.

It also serves as protection from the intense sun, preventing harmful UV radiation and reducing the risk of sunburn and overheating. Moreover, tough skin is essential for buoyancy and temperature regulation in water, allowing hippos to spend extended periods submerged. This evolutionary adaptation highlights the extraordinary resilience of hippos and their ability to adapt to their surroundings, ensuring their continued existence as one of nature’s most formidable creatures.

The Rough Childhood of Baby Animals in the Wild!

Female Hippopotamus with calf
Young animals like our brave baby hippo face the constant threat of being hunted and devoured by these skilled predators.

As we see in the exhilarating video below the early life of creatures in the African savannah is rife with imminent dangers, primarily posed by the relentless predators that roam the vast landscape. From the moment of birth, vulnerable young animals find themselves in a constant struggle for survival. Ferocious predators, such as lions, cheetahs, and hyenas, lie in wait, ever-ready to seize the opportunity to satisfy their insatiable hunger.

Wild dogs pose a huge threat with one of the highest successful hunt percentages in the animal kingdom, and this video is a great example of how dangerous these doggies are! Young animals like our brave baby hippo face the constant threat of being hunted and devoured by these skilled predators, testing their instincts and adaptability from their earliest moments.

In this unforgiving environment, only the fittest and most vigilant will have a chance to grow and mature, overcoming the persistent dangers posed by the relentless predators that rule the African savannah, and this little hippo fits the bill!

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