Jack Russell vs Beagle: What Are The Differences?

Written by Jeremiah Wright
Published: March 8, 2022
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Jack Russell vs Beagle are two separate companion dog breeds that were developed in Europe for hunting. Both of these breeds are very stubborn and have a strong hunting instinct. However, there are many differences between them.

These breeds are not easy to train as family pets. They are also very energetic and active. This means they require a lot of exercise throughout the day to stimulate their physical and mental health.

Jack Russell and Beagle breeds also have considerable differences despite their similarities. Let’s take a closer look at these differences to help you discern between these two dogs.

Comparing Jack Russell vs Beagle

jack russell vs beagle
Beagle breeds are heavier than Jack Russell breeds on average.
Key DifferencesJack RussellBeagle
Origin   United Kingdom (1819 AD) Greece (500 AD)
Size 10-15 inches in height
13-17 pounds
As tall as 16 inches
Approximately 20-30 pounds
Ear typeV-shaped  Folded/floppy
Eyes type  Almond     Medium
Coat TextureCan be smooth, rough, and broken smooth
Colors  White with tan or black markingsComes in a variety of colors, but the most common one is white, and tan (tricolor)                                                          
Life SpanCan live up to 12-14 years Approximately 12-15 years
TemperamentCan be aggressive and not as friendly as BeagleFriendly, sociable, and good-natured.
Can easily get along with children and other dogs
Litter size4-7 puppies4-6 puppies
Breed focusCannot be distracted easilyCan be easily distracted

8 Key Differences Between Jack Russell and Beagle

Jack Russell and Beagle share considerable similarities. Yet, several differences between the two breeds will help you easily tell them apart. Both breeds are part of the Canidae family with similar square-shaped bodies. However, Beagle breeds are heavier than Jack Russell breeds on average.

Jack Russell’s breeds are white with black or tan markings, while Beagles come in various colors. Beagle can be white and pale brown, white and red, white and chocolate, white and orange, lemon and white, or white, black, and pale brown(tri-color).

Let’s examine these differences one by one.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Origin

jack russell vs beagle

Jack Russell breeds are white with black or tan markings, while Beagles come in various colors.

©iStock.com/Przemysław Iciak

Jack Russell is a breed of terrier developed in the United Kingdom in 1819 AD to hunt foxes. They were named after Reverend John Russell, who laid the basis of a line of terrier dogs, including Jack Russell. 

Contrary to Jack Russell, Beagle’s ancestors originated in the 5th century in Ancient Greece. Breeds such as the Harrier and the Southern Hound played a key role in establishing Beagle dogs. Beagle’s origin has been documented as far back as 500 AD. Beagles were mainly used for hunting since they could easily track down rabbits and other small animals.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Size

jack russell vs beagle

A Jack Russell weighs between 11-17 pounds, while a Beagle weighs between 20-30 pounds.


Jack Russell terriers tend to be lighter and shorter than Beagle breeds. Both Jack Russell males and females weigh between 11-17 pounds and are approximately 10-15 inches tall. Their puppies weigh about 6 to 8 pounds when they are three months old. Jack Russell puppies are considered fully grown at 12 months.

Being larger and heavier than Jack Russell terriers, Beagle male and female dogs weigh between 20-30 pounds and are around 14-16 inches tall. Their puppies weigh about 7 pounds when they are two months old. Beagle puppies reach maturity at 18 months.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Ears and Eyes Type

jack russell vs beagle

Jack Russell terriers have V-shaped ears, while Beagle breeds have floppy ears.

©JMSH photography/Shutterstock.com

Jack Russell terriers have V-shaped ears that appear to be dropping forward. They also have almond-shaped eyes, which are dark in color and so full of life. As opposed to Jack Russell, Beagle dogs have luxurious floppy ears that blend very well with their medium brown or hazel eyes.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Coat Texture and Colors

Another key difference is their coat texture and colors. Jack Russell terriers have three coat texture types: smooth, rough, and broken. They are white in color with either black or tan patterns.

Beagle breeds have smooth coat texture. Beagle dogs come in various colors, but the most common one is white with tan or black markings, or a combination of all of these three colors like in Parson Russell terriers. Beagles are technically multi-colored dogs, and you can hardly find a single solid color on them.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Life Expectancy

Jack Russell and Beagle breeds have a long-life span. The life expectancy of a Jack Russell is typically around 12-14 years. Beagle dogs have a longer lifespan, ranging between 12-15 years. Depending on their diet, environment, and other facts, both breeds may or may not exceed their life expectancy range.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Temperament

jack russell vs beagle

Jack Russell Terriers are more aggressive than Beagle breeds.


Jack Russell terriers and Beagle breeds have very different personalities. Jack Russell breeds are well known for their aggressive temperament. They are not as friendly as Beagle dogs. Jack Russell dogs are very territorial and protective. They tend to be fiery towards other dogs and strangers. They are also mischievous, even around children.

On the contrary, Beagle breeds are very friendly, sociable, and good-natured. They get along well with children and other dogs. Besides, they can quickly establish contacts with people they know and those they don’t know. That’s why they are suitable for family pets and first-time dog owners.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Litter Size

jack russell vs beagle

Jack Russell breeds are well known for their aggressive temperament and they are not as friendly as Beagle dogs.

©Alexey Androsov/Shutterstock.com

Jack Russell terriers can give birth to approximately 4 to 7 puppies in one litter depending on several factors, such as Jack Russell’s health status, genetics, age, and size. Beagle breeds can give birth to about 4 to 6 puppies in one litter.

Jack Russell vs Beagle: Breed Focus

Jack Russell terriers cannot be distracted easily, especially when barking at someone or something. They remain focused on the intruder. Calming them requires a lot of time and skills. They pace up and down during such times. Therefore, they must be given treats until they calm down.

Compared to Jack Russell terriers, Beagle breeds can be easily distracted. As a result, training them requires a lot of time and perseverance because they keep shifting their attention to something else from time to time.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © OlesyaNickolaeva/Shutterstock.com

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