Jaguar and Lion Fight Over Toy Like Small Children

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 20, 2022
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If you have kids, you’ve certainly been witness to fights over toys. Not every kiddo is great at sharing and often, it shows. In this case, the footage is a little bit different. The video opens with a lion and a jaguar swimming in a pool. The lion is resting on an underwater block and the jaguar is holding a blue ball in its mouth. They’re looking right at each other.

If it weren’t for the lion and the jaguar in the clip, you might think this was taken at a resort pool. However, this pool is not for tourists, at least not on this day. As the video continues, the lion stands up and walks away from the camera to look at the greenery behind it. The jaguar stays in the pool half swimming and half walking because it’s a relatively shallow portion of the pool.

They Both Want to Play

The jaguar seems to be sneaking up slowly behind the lion and starts climbing the stairs out of the pool being a tad sneaky. The lion notices it’s being approached and turns around to paw at the blue ball still in the jaguar’s mouth. It starts trying to nip at the ball and the jaguar starts pushing away against the stairs to get back into the water. The lion crouches down still on the block, leaning forward but not taking the steps down to get into the water where the jaguar seems to be most comfortable.

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As the jaguar approaches, the lion reaches its paw out again to try to snag the ball. Then, the lion moves in with not just a nip this time but a full bite to try and grab the blue ball from the jaguar’s mouth. As it does, the jaguar then gently paws at the lion’s face with both paws, almost as if embracing it. You can tell these two are friendly companions because they are very mellow with each other.

The lion manages to grab the blue ball from the jaguar and finally, the jaguar emerges out of the pool attempting to get the ball back. They keep their little fight going until the lion loses interest and walks away. This is definitely not how these two animals interact with one another in the wild, but it is sweet to see that these two can be friends in a protected environment.

Enjoy a light-hearted encounter between a jaguar and a lion.

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Majestic African lion couple. Although related to jaguars, a lion is not a type of jaguar.
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