January 14 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Published: August 23, 2023
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Capricorn birthdays occur anytime between December 21st and January 19th, which makes a January 14 zodiac sign a late-season Capricorn. While this doesn’t really affect how the Capricorn personality manifests in this birthday, you may feel different from other Capricorns. By studying the transits of our planets and where they were during your specific time of birth, astrological practices can teach you a great deal about your motivations and personality. 

What does astrology have to say about someone born specifically on January 14th? When we turn to this ancient practice for insight, astrology may end up surprising you. Not only will we discuss the astrological basics attached to the zodiac sign of Capricorn, but we will also use other symbolic studies to elaborate on the personality of a Capricorn born specifically on January 14th. Let’s get started now! 

January 14 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

january 14 zodiac

Capricorns value their reputation deeply, presenting as honest, ambitious individuals with very few ulterior motives.


To fully understand the personality of a Capricorn, some astrological concepts need to be discussed first. For example, all zodiac signs fall under a specific element, modality, and number based on their order in the zodiac. Capricorns are the 10th zodiac sign connected to the 10th house of status and social presentation. They are also earth elements and of a cardinal modality. 

When it comes to modalities, these refer to the time of the season in which zodiac signs are born. For Capricorns, they begin the winter season in the northern hemisphere, as cardinal signs begin whatever season they are a part of. This makes them excellent instigators, leaders, and independent thinkers. They know how to begin new projects and inspire others with their authority and occasional bossiness! 

Capricorns join Virgos and Tauruses as the final earth sign of the zodiac. In case you couldn’t have guessed it, earth signs are inherently down-to-earth, calm people. They are motivated by day-to-day affairs, things based in reality, and all things tangible. Emotions and abstract thoughts are more difficult for earth signs to understand. Capricorns represent their earth element best when earning money. They are hard-working and find personal satisfaction when they are successful at work. 

Speaking of workplace success, Capricorns are associated with the 10th house of social status. This house represents how we come across to others from a professional standpoint. Your social standing and reputation are also huge components of this house. Capricorns value their reputation deeply, presenting as honest, ambitious individuals with very few ulterior motives. They are powerful in their social circles, especially as they become more successful!

January 14 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

january 14 zodiac

While Saturn teaches Capricorns plenty of valuable things, it can be a stern ruler.


Astrology wouldn’t exist without studying our planets, which is why every zodiac sign has a planetary ruler. These planetary rulers lend the zodiac signs individual traits and characteristics, things that can help us interpret the personality of a Capricorn. For this cardinal earth sign, Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, a planet of lessons and responsibility. If you don’t know what your Saturn sign is, now is the time to check as we discuss what Saturn represents! 

Timely and structured, Saturn rules our sense of restriction and what we need to learn in our lifetime in order to become our best selves. While not exactly harmful, Saturn isn’t the most patient or understanding of planets. It is indeed a taskmaster, a planet that will pester you again and again if you choose not to listen to what it has to say. In many ways, Capricorns understand this and represent Saturn best when it comes to their sense of responsibility. 

Capricorns have an inner sense of duty that can only be thanks to their connection to Saturn. A planet based on tradition and what we owe to one another, Saturn teaches every Capricorn the importance of dedication. Capricorns are also influenced by the traditional side of Saturn. They prefer a chronological, measured way of living. This zodiac sign understands how long something should take and they will set goals based on this structured thinking. 

Given that restraint, structure, and lifelong lessons are all aspects of Saturn, Capricorns are very serious individuals. This zodiac sign is mature and sober, pragmatic and calculating. While Saturn teaches Capricorns plenty of valuable things, it can be a stern ruler. Many Capricorns need to learn to relax in their lifetime as opposed to introducing more structure! 

January 14 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of a Capricorn

january 14 zodiac

Capricorns often place more responsibility than is necessary on their shoulders.


When Saturn combines with a Capricorn connection to the 10th house of status, it ensures that the average Capricorn will succeed publicly, and often. All earth signs are ambitious when it comes to their careers and workplace goals. But Capricorns might be the most invested in their professional future. While they find great satisfaction in public acclaim and being lauded for their efforts, the average Capricorn works so hard in order to prove to themselves that they are worthy.

There is a perfectionist in every Capricorn, someone who is never satisfied with their own ambition. This is both a strength and a weakness of the Capricorn personality. While Capricorns tend to focus their perfectionistic instincts inward, they can occasionally grow negative when it comes to how they view the work ethic of others. This zodiac sign is notorious for giving unsolicited advice, especially if they view your lifestyle as unproductive or ill-suited to you meeting your potential. 

However, the average Capricorn is deeply nurturing and understanding of those closest to them. While they are incredibly discerning in their friendships, Capricorns are dedicated to those that they choose to let in. In fact, Capricorns are extremely loyal to their family and friend group. They believe in the importance of tradition and honoring such relationships. The self-sacrificing nature of the average Capricorn is both beautiful and harmful. 

The survival Instinct of a Capricorn is thanks to their ruling planet and the time of year in which they are born. Winter is a time of hibernation, reflection, and careful planning, which is why Capricorns know how to make it through difficult times. They would rather suffer in silence than ask for help, finding their eventual victory all the sweeter because of this behavior. However, Capricorns often place more responsibility than is necessary on their shoulders, a big weakness for this sign.

Numerology for January 14 Zodiac Signs

january 14 zodiac

Large and in charge, a Capricorn connected to the number five understands how to win over a crowd with charisma and elegance. 


The number five is an important number for this Capricorn birthday. Plus, it is a number that may truly benefit this zodiac sign over many others. In numerology, the number five is connected to our senses and our ability to create things. It is also a number connected to the 5th house of fun and pleasure as well as Leo, the 5th zodiac sign. A January 14th Capricorn is different from other Capricorn birthdays because of their connection to this number. 

We’ve already discussed how difficult it is for the average Capricorn to relax and simply enjoy themselves. A January 14th Capricorn may find it easier to have fun compared to other Capricorn birthdays! The 5th house is all about games and creative undertakings, things that may just be for pleasure rather than for profit. Given that Capricorns are highly motivated by practical, professional endeavors, the number five may lend more balance to this Capricorn birthday.

Leos are fire signs with big personalities, especially when it comes to their creative capacities. A Capricorn so connected to the number five and the fifth sign of the zodiac may enjoy a creative career in their lifetime. When paired with this Earth sign’s connection to the 10th house of status, the Leo personality may come out in this Capricorn birthday. Large and in charge, a Capricorn connected to the number five understands how to win over a crowd with charisma and elegance. 

Career Paths for January 14 Zodiac Signs 

january 14 zodiac

A Capricorn connected to the number five may be drawn to a creative career more than others.

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Very few things are more important to a Capricorn than their career. This earth sign likely longs to lead in their workplace, whether it be a middle manager or a CEO. As a cardinal sign, Capricorns make wonderful leaders, leaders who have a sense of authority about them but don’t necessarily impose their authority on others. They are pragmatic more than demanding, capable of forming teams that work well together. 

Besides becoming a boss, what field might appeal to a Capricorn? With precision and dedication, Capricorns make excellent strategists and scientists, researchers and designers. This earth sign sees structure and scheduling as second nature, which may mean a career in a clerical setting appeals. Likewise, Capricorns are often fascinated by history, making them excellent historians, professors, or biographers. 

A Capricorn connected to the number five may be drawn to a creative career more than others. While creative careers may not always pay as well, this Capricorn birthday may not mind so long as they are creating art they care about. Plus, a career in any creative career will likely involve a great deal of networking and many social circles, something that Capricorns know how to master!

With the charisma of Leo to back them up, this Capricorn birthday may pursue a career in politics or law. The persuasiveness of this Capricorn birthday is likely palpable, which makes them adept at communicating their side of the story. A job in journalism, writing, directing, or even teaching may suit this Capricorn birthday well. 

Relationships and Love for January 14 Zodiac Signs

january 14 zodiac

Capricorns prefer to be with someone who is confident and powerful in their own right.

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The fifth house is connected to pleasure and love, something that this Capricorn birthday may appreciate. When it comes to Capricorns in general, this earth sign often struggles to prioritize romantic relationships in their own life. Capricorns are more likely to be married to their work than to an actual person, though a January 14th Capricorn may value romance greatly in their own life. Leo is an extremely romantic sign, after all! 

Often, Capricorns fall in love with their best friends. This is of course a general statement and may not be entirely accurate to you if you are a Capricorn yourself. However, given that love isn’t often a priority for Capricorns, their best friends take up more space in their hearts than the average stranger. It’s common for Capricorns to notice their feelings for someone close to them, all of a sudden, as if for no apparent reason. 

When a Capricorn realizes that they have feelings for someone, they may not know what to do at first. making the first move is typically a good idea when it comes to dating a Capricorn, though this can be extremely intimidating given their likely powerful position in their social circle. However, Capricorns prefer to be with someone who is confident and powerful in their own right, so long as you aren’t competing with your Capricorn professionally!

Given the traditional meanings and interpretation of Saturn, Capricorns enjoy a somewhat traditional approach to romance. This involves measured dates, hitting benchmarks, and working toward something lasting and concrete. Capricorns value honesty and equal responsibility in a relationship, longing for someone who understands the importance of familial obligations and maturity in love!

Matches and Compatibility for January 14 Zodiac Signs

january 14 zodiac

Capricorns value honesty and equal responsibility in a relationship.


Practical and objective, Capricorns don’t always match with certain zodiac signs very well. They can struggle with the boldness of fire signs and the abstract intelligence of air signs. Earth and water signs tend to match best with this astrological powerhouse!

While astrology can give us some potential insight into who we are romantically compatible with, it should never be the only thing you use to determine who you should date! However, from a strictly astrological perspective, here are some matches for this Capricorn birthday, just for fun:

  • Taurus. If Capricorns are seeking someone equally hardworking, they tend to gravitate toward Tauruses. Also an earth sign, Tauruses understand both the communication style and priorities of Capricorns. However, Tauruses also know how to have a bit more fun than Capricorns do, which makes for a lasting, exciting match! Plus, both of these signs are excellent workers, which ensures a financially secure future for them as well.
  • Leo. While certainly not a traditional match in astrology, a January 14 Capricorn may be drawn to Leos. With big personalities and even bigger hearts, Leos bring excitement and boldness into a Capricorn’s life. Capricorns appreciate just how independent and ambitious Leos are, but they also see just how much Leos care. This may help this particular match last, as both parties see the positives in each other.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on January 14th

Some famous and memorable Capricorns born on January 14th include:

  • Mark Antony (politician)
  • Henri Fantin-Latour (painter)
  • J. F. Archibald (journalist)
  • Thornton W. Burgess (author)
  • Mark Goodson (producer)
  • Andy Rooney (correspondent)
  • Nathaniel Rochester (scientist)
  • Allen Toussaint (producer)
  • Julian Bond (politician)
  • Faye Dunaway (actor)
  • Carl Weathers (actor)
  • Steve Jordan (producer)
  • Steven Soderbergh (director)
  • Emily Watson (actor)
  • Tom Rhodes (comedian)
  • LL Cool J (rapper)
  • Jason Bateman (actor)
  • Dave Grohl (musician)
  • Kevin Durand (actor)
  • Jack P. Shepherd (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on January 14th

january 14 zodiac

On this day in 1943, the Casablanca Conference began.


  • In 1761, the Third Battle of Panipat occurred
  • In 1943, the Casablanca Conference began
  • In 1963, Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” was officially published
  • In 2013, Mike Pence became Indiana’s 50th Governor

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