January 21 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by August Croft
Published: September 8, 2023
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As a January 21 zodiac sign, your birthday occurs at the very beginning of Aquarius season! What does astrology have to say about this particular sign of the zodiac? And how might someone born on January 21st differ from other Aquarius birthdays? There’s a lot of insightful information that astrology can help you uncover about yourself, even if it isn’t a study based entirely on science!

Today, we’ll be taking a close, in-depth look at the personality, motivations, and so much more in a January 21st birthday. If you were born on this day, what insights can astrology offer you? And how can we utilize numerology and other symbolic practices to truly help you better understand yourself? Before we get specific about a January 21 zodiac sign, let’s discuss the astrological principles behind this birthday’s sun sign: Aquarius!

January 21 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

january 21 zodiac

As an air sign, Aquarians are adept at abstract thought.


There are many different fundamental concepts in astrology that can be applied to every sign of the zodiac once you understand what these concepts mean. For example, when we discuss the zodiac sign of Aquarius, this sign is the 11th zodiac sign out of 12 connected to the astrological 11th house of friendships. Additionally, Aquarians are fixed air signs once ruled by Saturn in ancient astrology but are now ruled solely by Uranus. 

What does all of this mean for the Aquarius personality? To begin with the astrological placement of Aquarius within the zodiac, the 11th sign represents the themes of the 11th house. Aquarians are connected to the house of friendship, group collaborations, and large-scale relationships such as peers and society as a whole. Because of this connection, Aquarians are naturally social, motivated by how they can better humanity and society in general. 

As an air sign, Aquarians are adept at abstract thought, philosophical conversations, and intellectual debates. There’s a curiosity and intelligence found in every air sign, with Aquarians being especially pragmatic. Air signs are motivated by logistics and reasoning, using such stable foundations to build structure in their lofty, occasionally unattainable thoughts. Aquarians are deeply logical and philosophical people, unique in the way they approach ideas and new situations. 

Finally, Aquarians are of a fixed modality. Modalities represent the seasonal timing of the zodiac signs, corresponding to weather patterns and temperatures during the season the signs are born. Aquarius birthdays occur during the height of winter, at least in the northern hemisphere. There is a sense of stability, loyalty, and occasional rigidity in this zodiac sign because of their fixed modality. All fixed signs are constant and reliable, just like the season they are born during! 

January 21 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

january 21 zodiac

Saturn and Uranus make this zodiac sign responsible for reinventing the world.

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There’s one more astrological basic to discuss so that we can fully understand what’s behind the Aquarius personality. We’ve already mentioned that Aquarians have had two different planetary rulers assigned to this sign over the years: Saturn and Uranus. In ancient astrology, Saturn ruled both Capricorn and Aquarius. But the discovery of Uranus led to a reassignment for this rebellious and unique zodiac sign. 

Do you know where Saturn is in your birth chart? This planet is especially important when it comes to learning lessons throughout our lifetime. The placement of Saturn in your birth chart addresses responsibility, restriction, and your sense of duty, both to yourself and others. Despite no longer being Aquarius’s planetary ruler, Saturn still holds some sway over this serious air sign. The sense of duty and responsibility in every Aquarius runs deep because of this planetary connection. 

But what does Uranus represent? This newly discovered planet represents rebellion, new technology, disruption, and unexpected change. Uranus was discovered during a time of newness and revolution, both abstract concepts that ring true for every Aquarius. There is a rebelliousness and inventive personality in every Aquarius because of their connection to Uranus. This planet is all about reinvention, whether it be on an individual level or a societal one! 

When we consider the influence of both of these planets on the average Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus make this zodiac sign responsible for reinventing the world. While this may sound bigger than any one individual, Aquarians truly go about life believing that they can enact great, revolutionary change. And, with their unique, dedicated perspective, Aquarians may just accomplish their disruptive, duty-bound goals! 

January 21 Zodiac: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personality of  Aquarius

january 21 zodiac

As the water bearer, Aquarians have a mature, heavy responsibility on their shoulders.


In many ways, the average Aquarius feels as if they are from another planet. There is a uniqueness to every Aquarius that is individual, offbeat, and occasionally offensive. Aquarians are invested in their own independence and individuality, believing strongly in making a statement. Whether it be aesthetically or how they communicate, Aquarians aren’t interested in representing the status quo. 

One of the biggest strengths of the Aquarius personality is the fact that this zodiac sign has the potential to revolutionize just about anything. However, this doesn’t mean that the average Aquarius is purposely confrontational or apathetic. In fact, most Aquarians are shy and awkward socially, enjoying the company of others but remiss to open up themselves. One of the potential weaknesses of the Aquarius personality is the fact that this zodiac sign maintains a stoicism, a coldness that often prevents them from connecting intimately with others. 

Still, Aquarians are excellent friends and loyal, preferring to form a few close connections amidst their larger friend groups. Ever the philosopher and capable of intellectually sparring with someone for hours on end, Aquarians enjoy spending time with people who challenge their minds. This zodiac sign has so many big ideas that it can be beneficial for Aquarians to reach out and connect to others regarding said ideas. 

As the water bearer, Aquarians have a mature, heavy responsibility on their shoulders. This responsibility can sometimes weigh them down, making them prone to pessimism, depression, and self-doubt. While Aquarians aren’t afraid of being different, their unique personalities often make them feel isolated and alone. It’s important for this zodiac sign to remember their 11th house connection and reach out to their friend groups whenever they are feeling down!

What Makes a January 21 Zodiac Sign Special?

january 21 zodiac

A January 21st zodiac sign may feel creatively fueled by new circumstances, people, and ideas! 


The number three is a very important number for this Aquarius birthday, manifesting when we add the digits in the number 21. Associated with adaptability, creativity, and change, the number three brings an exciting, spontaneous element to this Aquarius birthday. The number three is also attached to the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, and the third astrological house representing communication and our capacity for ideas.

Someone born on January 21st may have a clear, convincing way of communicating. As the third house represents communication, this will be a skill and a strength for this Aquarius birthday. In fact, this particular Aquarius may be more charming and charismatic than average, using their clever witch and humor to influence those around them. This is a persuasive Aquarius, someone who knows what people want to hear. 

Geminis are mutable signs, making them flexible and excited by change. An Aquarius so connected to the number three may also feel this excitement in their own lives. This may be an especially valuable number for an Aquarius to have associated with them, as this fixed sign can be stubborn or remiss to change, depending on what changes are necessary. A January 21st zodiac sign may feel creatively fueled by new circumstances, people, and ideas! 

Speaking of creativity, an Aquarius born on this day may have many creative hobbies or endeavors. This particular birthday may also invest in a creative career and make beautiful art that inspires. Remember just how revolutionary Aquarians are, which is why a January 21st Aquarius has the capacity to create something just as unique as they are! 

Career Paths for January 21 Zodiac Signs

january 21 zodiac

Given Uranus’s rulership of technology and scientific study, Aquarians may be drawn to scientific careers as well as any career involving cutting-edge tech.


Even though this particular Aquarius birthday is connected to the number three and its themes of changeability, all Aquarians tend to prefer a singular career path given their fixed modality. However, no matter the career or how long they pursue it, Aquarians always do things their own way, unique and unexpected. But what career paths might an Aquarius excel at, especially for the long haul? 

Given the convincing communication style of an Aquarius born on January 21st, this particular Aquarius may be drawn to a career in politics, law, or other positions of leadership. Aquarians already make wonderful leaders given their unique points of view, but this Aquarius will be especially convincing when in a position of power. While this might sound dangerous, Aquarians are generous and humanistic more than they are power-hungry! 

We’ve already mentioned that a January 21st Aquarius may be drawn to a career that allows them to get creative. Aquarians value art deeply, viewing it as one of the last means of unique expression in this life. From writing to interior design, architecture to painting, Aquarians excel in most creative fields. Directing and screenwriting may particularly appeal to this Aquarius birthday, given their connection to the third house. 

We can’t ignore the connection that all Aquarians have to new technology. Given Uranus’s rulership of technology and scientific study, Aquarians may be drawn to scientific careers as well as any career involving cutting-edge tech. With persistence and dedication, this Aquarius birthday could even create their own unique technology, something we can’t even fathom yet! 

Relationships and Love for January 21 Zodiac Signs

january 21 zodiac

While Aquarians are always willing to hear about the deep feelings of their partners, they are often unwilling to share the same things about themselves. 

©Marko Aliaksandr/Shutterstock.com

Despite their somewhat awkward social skills, Aquarians make wonderful, sympathetic partners. As a fixed sign, Aquarians truly value long-term relationships, things that they can sustain and work on for a long period of time. However, this offbeat zodiac sign needs to match well with someone in order to ensure that the partnership will last. Aquarians are independent and seek equally independent matches, people who can challenge them both intellectually and emotionally. 

Speaking of emotions, the average Aquarius tends to struggle when it comes to expressing their true feelings to their romantic partners. Maintaining a stoic, pragmatic persona is very important to the average Aquarius. However, this can make it difficult in a partnership that needs more intimacy and close connection. While Aquarians are always willing to hear about the deep feelings of their partners, they are often unwilling to share the same things about themselves. 

It’s also important to note that Aquarians can get easily bored. Given their high intellects and capacity for new, revolutionary ideas, an Aquarius won’t be happy with just anyone. They will need to find someone who matches them from an intellectual point of view. This curious zodiac sign will also prefer to be with someone who is equally unafraid to broaden their own horizons! 

Matches and Compatibility for January 21 Zodiac Signs

january 21 zodiac

Given their high intellects and capacity for new, revolutionary ideas, an Aquarius won’t be happy with just anyone.

©Marko Aliaksandr/Shutterstock.com

While astrology has been a popular reference for romantic relationships over the last few decades, it should never be the sole thing that you consider before dating someone. When it comes to fun, interesting interpretations that astrology has for an Aquarius in love, elemental placement plays a role. For example, air signs get along well with other air signs as well as fire signs but find it more difficult to communicate with water and earth signs. 

With this in mind, what zodiac signs match well with an Aquarius born on January 21st? These two matches spring to mind:

  • Gemini. With a shared connection to the number three, an Aquarius born on January 21st likely can’t help their attraction to Geminis. A Gemini-Aquarius match is already strong from an astrological perspective, but a January 21st Aquarius will be especially drawn to this charismatic, curious air sign. This match often feels like best friends becoming lovers, aligning well on the things that matter most to an Aquarius. Intellectual and interested in a variety of things, Geminis know how to banter and communicate with an Aquarius for hours! 
  • Sagittarius. When it comes to another sign that understands the philosophical side of Aquarius, fiery Sagittarius is certainly one example. While this match may not last forever due to Sagittarius’s wandering nature, Aquarians and Sagittarians ignite each other in many ways. There is a deep respect in this match, as both of these signs align well on philosophy, independence, and relationship ideals. A Sagittarius-Aquarius match tends to help both of these signs grow and change for the better! 

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on January 21st

  • John Bingham (politician)
  • Stonewall Jackson (military officer)
  • Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake (physician)
  • Grigori Rasputin (monk)
  • Roger Nash Baldwin (activist)
  • Avery Claflin (composer)
  • Christian Dior (designer)
  • Konrad Emil Bloch (biochemist)
  • Torsten Nilsson (composer)
  • Paul Scofield (actor)
  • Franco Evangelisti (composer)
  • Stephen Reeves (bodybuilder)
  • Richie Havens (singer)
  • Billy Ocean (singer)
  • Eric Holder (lawyer)
  • Louis Menand (writer)
  • Paul Allen (magnate)
  • Geena Davis (actor)
  • Rove McManus (comedian)
  • Emma Bunton (singer)
  • Luke Grimes (actor)

Important Events That Occurred on January 21st

january 21 zodiac

On this day in 1935, The Wilderness Society was officially founded.

©Tanya Antusenok/Shutterstock.com

  • In 1793, King Louis XVI was executed as part of the French Revolution
  • In 1935, The Wilderness Society was officially founded
  • In 1952, William Shawn became the official editor of “The New Yorker” and would remain the editor for over 30 years
  • In 2008, the Eyak language (spoken by the Eyak people indigenous to Alaska) officially went extinct
  • In 2017, the very first Women’s March occurred worldwide

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