July 28 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility, and More

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Updated: July 9, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Leos are known for their abundant creativity and proneness for expressing their big emotions openly.
  • Their expressive nature often leads them to excel in various creative fields like drama, painting, writing, and music.
  • Leos may also channel their creativity into entrepreneurship and may find success in starting their businesses.
Leos have lots of big emotions and enjoy expressing them.

Everyone born on July 28th belongs to the Leo zodiac. Leo is a fixed fire sign that is ruled by the sun – and you can see a lot of fire and the sun’s effects on their personality.

For instance, they tend to be very passionate and bold. They’re creative, too. You can count on Leos being warm-hearted, which makes them great friends.

Plus, they also love to be the center of attention – just like the sun is the center of our solar system. For this reason, they’re often charismatic and confident. However, this can translate into some egotistical behaviors.

For more information on this sign, keep reading.

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Your Zodiac sign can be a clue to understanding your personality strengths, relationships, career satisfaction, and more.

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July 28th Personality Traits

Leos are known for several different personality traits. But many of them fit together. Once you understand them, their overall personality makes much more sense.

In many cases, Leos are very creative. They have lots of big emotions and enjoy expressing them. They aren’t going to hold anything inside. For this reason, they are often talented in drama, painting, writing, and music. However, they may express their creativity in other ways, too, such as starting a business.

Like most fire signs, they’re very passionate. They find new passions quickly and are driven by them. Many Leos find their career within one of their passion areas. They’re also very passionate in their relationships and prefer loved ones that are very passionate, too.

Leos fight for what they believe in, especially if it’s a passion of theirs.

Those born on this date are usually generous, too. This trait is one of their better ones. They tend to lavish their loved ones with gifts, praise, and attention. They will help anyone in need, as they’re very charitable.

Leos have magnetic personalities due to their cheerful, friendly nature. They never meet a stranger, and this often leads to them having many friends. Their sunny disposition makes them the life of the party. However, it can also cover up underlying problems. Some Leos may hide their stress or pain.

Leos are also extremely confident – sometimes to the point of arrogance. They often act like they’re the center of the universe and may not pay much attention to the needs of others. Their opinions often become stuck when they think they’ve found the answer.

July 28th Career Paths

Cinematic Back View of Young Classical Ballet Male Dancer Walking Out to Classic Theatre Stage with Spotlights for the Curtain Call. Athletic Performer Happily Accepting the Audience's Applause

Leos love expressing themselves and being the center of attention – making acting a natural fit.


Leos thrive in a wide range of careers. They tend to develop their passions from an early age and then pick a career that falls into one of them. However, Leos do naturally fall into some careers more than others:

  • Actor: Leos love expressing themselves and being the center of attention – making acting a natural fit. They’re often impressive actors, too, due to their charisma and creativity. Plus, they enjoy the fame that sometimes comes with acting.
  • Architect: Leos tend to be very visual people. When added to their natural creativity, they make wonderful architects. They have a strong sense of style and aesthetics. Their leadership skills allow them to manage teams, which is also necessary for many architects.
  • Designer: For Leos with extra flair, designing anything may make a great career. Fashion, art, and graphic design all fall into this category. Leos also love to receive praise for their work, and designing often allows them to do it.
  • Event Planner: Leos tend to be very organized people and great leaders. They’re also very sociable and enjoy making others happy while also being the boss.
  • Marketer: Leos are very persuasive and often very good at selling things. Therefore, they can make great marketers – whether that’s organizing campaigns or working as a salesman.
  • Media Strategist: Because of their warm-hearted nature, Leos tend to do well in public relations and as media strategists. They have an innate understanding of how people work, which allows them to thrive at this job.
  • Model: Leos enjoy being the center of attention, and it doesn’t get much more central than being a model. Their charisma and people-centered nature often make them enjoy the job, as well.
  • Personal Trainer: Leos often enjoy being fit and being around other people. Therefore, they often enjoy being fit with other people. If they can get paid to do it, even better. They often thrive in this career thanks to their charisma.

July 28th in Relationships

Leos are extremely passionate and enjoy being in love. Therefore, they’re often drawn to romantic relationships. Most of the time, a Leo will be in a relationship or looking for one.

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Several signs are compatible with Leos.

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When in a relationship, they heap love and affection on their partners. Due to their deep emotions, they can be a bit overbearing for some. They also expect the same amount of attention from their partner and may feel unloved if they don’t get it.

However, when in a good relationship, they’re extremely loyal. They dedicate themselves completely to their loved ones. Leos can be protective and extremely generous. Therefore, they’re a good friend or partner to have around.

Because they’re a bit flamboyant, Leos often make grand gestures. For other passionate people, this can make them feel very loved. However, for others, it can be embarrassing and the opposite of what they want.

With all that said, Leos can also be a bit stubborn and prideful. They may not always pay attention to their partner’s feelings or opinions. They may not admit their mistakes very easily, which can lead to communication problems. Leos have a big ego that is often rather hard to control.

Because they feel so deeply, Leos can be very jealous and passionate. They don’t like to share their partners with anyone else and may get suspicious. If they don’t feel like they’re getting enough attention, they may become insecure and feel unloved.

Therefore, they need a partner that is going to match their intensity.

Signs Compatible with Leos

Several signs are compatible with Leos. Here are the best options:

  • Aries: Aries and Leo get along very well. They share the same passion and enthusiasm, which allows them to enjoy the relationship together. These two signs are also very spontaneous and tend to make decisions based on emotion. Therefore, they often agree with each other.
  • Libra: Libras and Leos are both outgoing and social. They enjoy similar activities and can both put up with a lot of social interaction. They do tend to balance each other out. Libras are more diplomatic, while Leos are more assertive. Together, they make a great team.
  • Sagittarius: Leos and Sagittarians are both fire signs, so they share fairly similar traits. They’re both adventurous and supportive. Their curiosity for life allows them to connect on an emotional level.
  • Gemini: Gemini is intelligent but with a lot of wit and humor added to the mix. They go well with Leos, as they’re fairly playful and lively together. They can both stimulate each other intellectually while having a fun time.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on July 28th

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On July 28th, 2005 the IRA Army Council announces the end of their armed campaign.

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Here are some well-known people you may have heard of that were born on July 28th:

  • Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) – English children’s author and illustrator (The Tale of Peter Rabbit), born in London.
  • Lucy Burns (1879-1966)
  • Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968)
  • Karl Popper (1902-1994)
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929-1994)
  • Garfield Sobers (86 years old)
  • Alberto Fujimori (84 years old)
  • Bill Bradley (79 years old)

Important Events That Occurred on July 28th

Here are some important events that happened on July 28th:

  • In 2005, the IRA Army Council announces the end of their armed campaign.
  • The US Congress passes the National Aeronautics and Space Act in 1958.
  • The IX Summer Olympics opened in 1928.
  • In 1821, Peru declares independence.
  • On this day in 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, utilizing the assassination of Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand as a pretext. This event served as a catalyst for the outbreak of World War I.

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