July 29 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility and More

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Updated: July 10, 2023
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Key Points

  • Between the dates of July 23 to August 22, the sun is in the fifth zodiac sign – Leo.
  • Leos are full of energy and love to live in the spotlight.
  • Leos are often leaders. Even if they don’t attempt to be a group leader, they’re often unofficially made the leader due to their ambition and humor.
Leos are incredibly confident and tend to lead all conversations.

Between the dates of July 23 to August 22, the sun is in the fifth zodiac sign – Leo. That means everyone born on July 29 is a Leo. This fire sign is known for its determination, charisma, and leadership.

Of course, things are a bit more complicated than meets the eye, like with all zodiac signs. While Leos are often the life of the party, all the popularity can go to their head.

For everything you need to know about this sign, keep reading.

Between the dates of July 23 to August 22, the sun is in the fifth zodiac sign – Leo.

Leo Personality Traits

Those born on July 29 will make a big splash. Leos are full of energy and love to live in the spotlight. They thrive on stage and in front of others, making them perfect for careers in acting and entertainment.

Often, Leos have a sense of humor that others flock to. They’re charismatic and love talking to people – sometimes to a fault. They’re most alive in a group of their closest friends, though they may include just about everyone in their friend circle.

Leos aren’t likely to get into social drama, though. They’re fun-loving, and drama does not mean fun. They aren’t likely to hold a grudge or even remember that they had a grudge, to begin with.

Leos are incredibly confident and tend to lead all conversations. They’re pretty easy to spot when you walk into a room. They have an unshakable foundation that makes them easy to lean on in times of emergencies, too.

Those born on July 29th often love to take risks and live in the moment. They love the thrill of experiences, which often leads to a lot of risk-taking and new adventures. They’re often very fun to be around for this reason.

Leos are often uninterested in retrospection. Therefore, they’re often not interested in talking about the past. Instead, they’re very action-oriented and are always looking for the next big adventure.

Leos as Leaders

Because they’re so charismatic, Leos are often leaders. Even if they don’t attempt to be a group leader, they’re often unofficially made the leader due to their ambition and humor. They often have a hunger for authority, though, leading to them looking for leadership positions wherever they can.

They’re often very good at inspiring others, which makes them good leaders. Many people will follow them to the end of the earth.

This trait follows them in the home and the workplace. Many Leos find themselves in management positions.

Leos don’t like to be told what to do or dismissed. Therefore, they don’t always make the best followers. They thrive best when they’re calling the shots. However, many Leos do learn to pull in their aggressive ambition.

The Downsides

While Leos are great leaders and exciting friends, they do have some downsides.

Often, Leos have a short temper that can boil over from time to time. They tend to be more short-tempered when stressed. They may take out their stress on others for this reason, which makes them not terribly fun to be around.

Furthermore, Leos also have huge egos. Often, they’ll always have a story to one-up stories others tell. They tend to brag a bit, which can be off-putting to others. More grounded signs tend to find Leos a bit “too much.”

Those born on July 29 may also be self-centered. It isn’t odd for Leos to lack empathy, especially when they’re forging ahead on a new adventure. It isn’t that they don’t care about others; they just don’t always take the time to consider others. As you might imagine, this can get them into trouble in their relationships.

Because Leos are arrogant and self-centered, they also tend to be stubborn. They have a hard time admitting that they’re wrong and may stick to a poor plan long after its folly has become clear. They’re inflexible and often believe they’re always the right one.

Leos can also be lazy in some cases. Often, this derives from their egotistical nature. They may simply believe that the rules really do apply differently to them.

Leos in Work

Leos love to be always busy. This trait makes them great workers, regardless of where they work. However, they often thrive best when put into a management position, even if it is a smaller one. They prefer not to be told what to do, so positions with little micro-managing are best for them.

Often, Leos follow their passion and choose jobs that they care about. While they can be materialistic, their passion can overturn this. They thrive when allowed to work towards their passion.

Leos also have some artistic abilities. They love acting and entertainment, especially. Politics, education, and any management position suit them well. Truly, Leos can be at home anywhere as long as they feel valued and heard.

Leos tend to be extremely generous with their money, even when they don’t have very much of it. Being generous makes them feel good, so they’re prone to giving away more money than they can afford.

Leos in Love

sign of the zodiac leo - portrait of a lion in a colorful universe with some galaxies and stars

Leos tend to be passionate partners. Though they may be stubborn at times, they will make sure their significant others feel loved and appreciated.


Leos are passionate lovers. They tend to fall in love quickly and deeply. It doesn’t take long for them to absolutely dedicate themselves to their significant others. They often want things to move fast, which can be off-putting for some signs.

They’re very loyal and generous towards their partner. Often, they’ll take on a leadership role and attempt to move their relationship in the direction they want. Of course, when their partner feels differently, problems can form.

Leos may not always take their partner’s feelings into account. It isn’t that they don’t care, but they often don’t imagine that anyone feels differently from them (especially on topics like love). Therefore, they’ll often feel deeply hurt if their partner isn’t as comfortable moving quickly.

Leos are extremely into their relationships. They value independence and don’t necessarily like being told what to do. Combined with their all-in attitude, this can make them appear to have commitment issues. They may rush headlong into a relationship, only to back-pedal when they feel like their independence is under threat.

Their desire to control can sometimes be a bit much. Leos under stress or poor coping may try to enact their will on their partner with little regard for their feelings. Often, this behavior can exhaust more sensitive signs. Leos need someone who will stand up to them.


Leos just work better with some signs than others.

Leos and Aries often get along well. In fact, this partnership is ideal in love, work, and play. Both of these signs are fiery and have similar goals in life. They’re both very life-oriented and always on the move. When together, they often work as a force multiplier for each other.

Leo and Taurus are a different story, though. These signs are three signs apart, which often leads to conflict. Both signs are fixed, which makes them loyal. However, Leo is always on the move, and Taurus tends to dislike moving at all. Therefore, this relationship requires a lot of flexibility from both partners.

Gemini can often get along with Leo. Both are very sociable and friendly, allowing them to capture the hearts of each other. Leos are very entertaining to be around, and Geminis tend to become boring quickly. Therefore, they both provide what the other needs. Leos bring entertainment, and Geminis bring attention.

Sometimes, Cancer and Leo are compatible. However, Cancer tends to be very emotional – which may be a bit much for Leo. They’re both loyal and loving, though, which may help them get through the potential misunderstandings.

Leos get along well with other Leos. They’re passionate together and tend to have few misunderstandings. They just get each other – simply put. However, two Leos become very caught up in each other.

Leo and Virgo don’t tend to get along well, as there are many differences between them. Virgo is forward-thinking and analytical, which Leo won’t always respect (as they tend to be more “at the moment”).

Sometimes, Libra and Leos can get along well together. Libras can offer unconditional love to anyone they’re with, and this is something that Leos can absolutely get behind. When this relationship works out well, they can build into a true power couple.

Leo and Scorpio have the odds stacked against them. They have opposing signs, but they are both fixed. Both of these signs do share ambition and love being in the spotlight together. However, it can be hard to get these two signs to work together. They can be a bit inflexible.

Pisces and Leo don’t usually get along well. They’re five signs apart from each other, which usually means that they just don’t work out. They both do love self-expression, though, which can help them find some common ground. However, conflict is common in these relationships.

Aquarius can sometimes form a tight bond with Leo, but they’re prone to being exact opposites. Leo follows passion and emotion, while Aquarius follows intellect. They can either balance each other out or fight each other a lot.

Leo and Capricorn don’t usually get along, as they’re too competitive with each other and can be very jealous. They may hold grudges against each other and try to hog the spotlight from each other.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born On July 29th

Who else shares a July 29th birthday with you? From historical figures to writers and presidents to athletes, a number of Leos call this day their birthday! Here are some of the most historically important and celebrated Leos born on July 29th:

  • 1895 – George Kelly Barnes “Machine Gun Kelly” (American Gangster)
  • 1913 – Red Skelton (Actor/Comedian)
  • 1918 – Nelson Mandela (1st South African President)
  • 1921 – John Glenn (Astronaut)
  • 1929 – Dick Button (Figure Skater/Sportscaster)
  • 1935 – Tenley Albright (Figure Skater/Doctor)
  • 1937 – Hunter S. Thompson (Journalist/Author)
  • 1982 – Priyanka Chopra (Actress)

Important Events That Occurred on July 29th

There are many events that happen on a daily basis, but will they stand the test of time and be remembered in history? Here are a few significant events that occurred on July 29th:

  • 1863 – The American Civil War: Second battle of Fort Wagner
  • 1925 – Adolf Hitler publishes Mein Kampf.
  • 1968 – Intel is founded in Mountain View, California
  • 1976 – Nadia Com─âneci becomes the first person in Olympic Games history to score a perfect 10 in gymnastics at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • 1992 – the first picture ever posted to the internet (WWW) was taken of an all-female parody pop group called Les Horribles Cernettes.

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