July 31 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility, and More

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Updated: June 29, 2023
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Key Points:

  • People born on July 31 have the star sign of Leo, a fire sign, and are represented by the Lion.
  • Leos are confident, loyal, creative, generous, ambitious, and creative – as well as stubborn, egotistical, and inflexible.
  • Leos don’t like to be single and tend to stay in relationships indefinitely – where they tend to shower their partners with attention and love.

People born between July 23rd and August 22nd have the Leo star sign. Of course, this includes those born on July 31st. Leos born on July 31st are represented by the Lion and are the fifth zodiac sign. They’re known for their charismatic personality and ambitious temperament. They’re ruled by the sun, which affects their personality a lot. For instance, they love to be the center of attention (just like the sun is the center of the solar system).

Often, Leos are natural-born leaders and love to be with a group. When on a mission, they tend to take the leadership role automatically. They’re also the life of the party, thanks to their humor and charisma.

People born on July 31 are of the zodiac sign Leo
People born on July 31 are of the zodiac sign Leo.

While they can be a bit egotistical, Leos are also very generous. However, they may be generous for the sole purpose of being the center of attention. They may also be stubborn, as they often have difficulty believing they’re wrong.

In astrology, Leos are associated with the fifth house, which governs creativity, romance, and children. Therefore, Leos are often creative people that love to work in art and music. However, they like to do these things with other people. They aren’t the type of artists that will lock themselves into a room to finish a novel or painting.

Leo Personality Traits

Leos born on July 31st are known for many different personality traits. However, they’re best known for their charisma. They have a magnetic personality that others feel drawn towards. They’re typically outgoing and love to be the center of attention. Plus, their charm and humor make them lovable personalities. This gift of charisma allows them to get much of what they want out of life.

They also tend to be extremely confident, though this can sometimes come off as arrogance. When left unchecked, they can become egotistical. However, their self-assured nature can also do them a lot of good. For instance, it often helps them be natural leaders.

Leos are ambitious on most occasions. They’re success-driven and tend to be very goal-oriented. Leos are always moving towards their goals, which can sometimes be a bit much for others. They’re never satisfied and are always looking for the next best thing.

Because Leos are warm-hearted, they’re often quick to help and very generous. They love easily (not just romantically). They often consider everyone a friend, leading to tons of generosity. They’re also very loyal and will go to great lengths to protect others.

Leos are a fire sign, which makes them very passionate. They approach everything as if it’s the most important thing. They’re often driven by their emotions, making them somewhat inflexible. Once they set their mind to something, they do it without delay.

While most of these traits are positive, Leos are also known for being stubborn. It can be challenging to sway them one way or another. All beliefs are strong and powerful, making them difficult to change. They often have conflicts with others of different worldviews and beliefs.

Cropped Image of Unrecognizable Female Ceramics Maker working with Pottery Wheel in Cozy Workshop Makes a Future Vase or Mug, Creative People Handcraft Pottery Class

Leos are creative and are often artists by profession or in their free time.


July 31st Career Paths

Because of their personalities, Leos born on July 31st are often drawn to certain career paths.

As we’ve discussed, Leos are often very creative. Therefore, they’re drawn to careers like music, art, and design. They have big emotions and a talent for expressing them, allowing them to thrive in these careers. They love to produce beautiful and inspiring things.

Of course, the exact creative pursuit Leos are drawn to varies. Some go into more traditionally creative fields like art, and others go into media or fashion.

With that said, Leos also prefers the finer things in life. They’re often drawn to luxury and the big statement it makes. The creative arts don’t often provide these luxuries, so they may decide to go down a different path. Either way, their ambition often translates to a desire for success, which Leos often achieve.

Leos born on July 31st are also natural-born leaders. Therefore, they often obtain positions of authority within their chosen career path. They can be very commanding and aren’t afraid to make tough decisions. However, they aren’t the best followers and often don’t like being told what to do. They often enjoy their job the most when they’re in a position of authority.

Many Leos start their own business, as they tend to be very entrepreneurial. They have a talent for recognizing opportunities, especially in the service industry. Plus, their ambition often pushes them to make that hard first step.

Leos can also thrive in any communication-based profession, like sales or public relations. They are great at communicating with others, which makes them perfect for these careers.

Leos born on August 2nd

People use the zodiac constellations to understand their personality challenges, career strengths, and luck with love.


Leos and Love

Leos tend to fall hard and easily. They’re extremely passionate and romantic, so they’re often drawn to romantic relationships. They simply love love. Most Leos will be in a relationship for much of their life. They don’t like long periods of singlehood.

Leos born on July 31st love to shower their partner with love and attention. They tend to spoil those they care about, but they also like to be spoiled. If their partner doesn’t put the same amount of energy into their relationship, they can quickly feel devalued and unloved. They put a lot of work into the relationship but expect the same from their partner, too.

Once in a relationship, Leos are committed and loyal. They work extremely hard to make their relationship last and feel deeply. They can be a bit protective, which can sometimes come off as controlling.

Leos can feel jealous easily. They feel everything deeply. Therefore, things that don’t usually bother others will bother them. To make their relationships last, they must keep their jealousy and controlling nature in check.

With all that said, Leos love their independence. While they may be controlling, they hate to be controlled themselves. Therefore, they prefer partners that will give them space while also showering them with love.

Leos and Family

Leos love deeply, which often makes them protective. They’re fiercely loyal and expect the same from their friends and family. They will do whatever it takes to protect those they care about. They’re good friends to have for this reason.

In most relationships, Leos are very giving and generous. They shower everyone around them with attention and praise. Because they’re very social, they often enjoy hosting events and parties. They’re a hoot to be around.

Their natural charm tends to draw people in. Therefore, they’re often considered good friends by many people. They can be the center of a friend or family due to their charismatic abilities.

Leos often have strong family values and place high importance on their family. Their deep emotions and charismatic nature often make them put family and friends above all else. They’ll often enjoy spending time with their loved ones and may have many family traditions they insist are upheld.

With that said Leos can be egotistical at times. They may like to be the center of attention a bit too much, which can make them exclude others to a large extent. Therefore, unless this is kept in check, they may not have as many friends as they’d like.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Leos Born on July 31st

Like all star signs, Leos do have some particular strengths and weaknesses.


Leos are very confident. They’re self-assured, which helps them in social conversations. They also aren’t afraid to take risks and stand up for their beliefs. Therefore, they tend to go after what they want in life.

Furthermore, Leos are often creative. They have a natural flair for being dramatic and often enjoy expressing themselves creatively. They’ll often enjoy careers in creative fields, as we’ve discussed.

One of the Leos’ best traits is their generosity. They enjoy spoiling others around them with lots of gifts and affection. They’ll often go out of their way to help others – and aren’t afraid to do so thanks to their confidence.

Leos are also very loyal. Once they make a friend, they’re fiercely loyal throughout their life. They value their relationships with others very much.

They’re also quite passionate. They have tons of emotions and feel very deeply. They’re enthusiastic about things they like but also very unenthusiastic about what they don’t like.


Leos aren’t perfect. There are several traits they need to get a handle on to make the most out of life and their relationships.

Firstly, they’re very ego-centered. They tend to focus on themselves in most cases. They may ignore the needs and opinions of others. This sign has a hard time stepping into others’ shoes, leading to self-absorbed behaviors.

They can also be quite stubborn, often due to their ego-centric nature. They feel emotions very deeply and may respond best to emotional appeals – not those of logic.

Because they’re so confident, Leos are also quite arrogant. They can be a bit too confident and boastful. They may brag about their accomplishments a bit too much, which can rub others the wrong way.

Leos can be very demanding of others, as they require a lot of attention to be happy. They pour praise and affection on their loved ones – and they expect everyone to do the same for them. They may become jealous of any outside interaction, especially if they feel like they aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Finally, Leos can be impulsive because they often act on emotions alone. They may feel like they should do something and then do it, even if it doesn’t make the most sense. For this reason, they often make hasty decisions.

The hands of women and men are the heart shape with the sun light passing through the hands have astrological symbols

Many people use astrology to determine their compatibility with others.


Compatibility with Other Signs

Leos aren’t always compatible with other zodiac signs, especially the water and earth signs. Below, we’ll take a look at how compatible a few signs are with Leo.

  • Aries: Leo and Aries tend to be pretty decent matches. They’re both rather adventurous and passionate. They can respect each other and often have the same goals, making them compatible life partners.
  • Sagittarius: Leo and Sagittarius also make good partners, as they’re both independent and lovers of new things. They can connect well on an intellectual number, engaging in deep conversations with each other.
  • Gemini: Leo can sometimes have a fun relationship with Gemini. They’re both playful and enjoy life, allowing them to enjoy social interactions together. They often have a natural chemistry and keep each other quite entertained.
  • Libra: Leo can get along with Libra, mostly because they both like luxurious experiences. However, it depends on how strongly each individual puts the need for aesthetics first.
  • Aquarius: These two signs have an interesting relationship. They often challenge each other and like breaking the rules together. However, while they may like hanging around each other, they may not have a good long-term relationship.
  • Scorpio: Leo and Scorpio often have an intense, passionate relationship. They’re unconventional and have a strong desire for intimacy. However, they can sometimes clash due to their strong personalities. Neither may give to the other, especially if they don’t have good communication skills.
  • Taurus: Taurus is stubborn. And Leo is stubborn. Therefore, they’re often set in their ways and have varying priorities. They rarely make a good team.
  • Virgo: Virgo approaches life very differently than a Leo, which can lead to the two signs butting heads. Virgos tend to be very practical and spontaneous. However, Leos are often driven by their emotions instead.
  • Cancer: Leo and Cancer don’t get along. Their personalities and priorities clash. Cancer values security and stability, which Leo doesn’t provide. They may work if they have very strong communication skills and are both developed personally.

Historical Figures and Celebrities Born on July 31

Who else shares a July 31st birthday with you? From actors to writers to sports heroes, a number of Leos call this day their day of birth! Here are some of the most historically important and celebrated Leos born on July 31st:

  • J.K. Rowling (Author)
  • Lil Uzi Vert (Rapper)
  • Rico Rodriguez (Actor)
  • Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur)
  • A.J. Green (Football Player)
  • Susan Bennett (Voice Actress)
  • Matt Shadows (Metal Singer)
  • Jose Fernandez (Baseball Player)
  • B.J. Novak (Actor)
  • Zac Brown (Country Singer)
  • Milton Friedman (Economist)
  • Evonne Goolagong Cawley (Tennis Star)
  • Sherry Lansing (Movie Studio Executive)

Important Events That Occurred on July 31

What important events have happened on July 31st over the Years? Here are a few noteworthy events as we can’t possibly list them all!

  • Christopher Columbus discovered the Island of Trinidad in 1498
  • New York Yankees first baseman, Lou Gehrig drives in 8 runs with a grand slam and two doubles in a 14-13 win over the Boston Red Sox in 1930
  • Labor leader Jimmy Hoffa is reported missing in 1975
  • Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, dies in 1556
  • Hurricane sinks Spanish treasure ships in 1715
  • Preparations for the final Solution to World War II began in 1941
  • Michael Phelps broke the world record for the most medals won at the Olympics in 2012
  • Christians burned Beatles records because of John Lennon’s negative comments about Jesus in 1966
  • Samuel Hopkins was awarded the first US patent in 1790

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