July 7 Zodiac: Sign, Traits, Compatibility, and More

Written by Sandy Porter
Published: March 29, 2023
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Ruled by the Moon, living into creativity, and enjoying a fluid lifestyle, the July 7 Zodiac helps to make a highly intriguing person. So, if you were born on July 7, you’ll most likely find that the water sign Cancer means you are sensitive, creative, compassionate, genuine, spontaneous, empathetic, and beautiful.

June 21 to July 23 Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Cancer zodiac sign
Like the crab, symbol of the Cancer zodiac sign, people born on July 7th are intuitively guided by emotion but resilient and highly capable.


July 7 Zodiac signCancer
GemstonePearl, moonstone
Ruling planetMoon, Pluto
Power colorsWhite, silver, gray
Lucky numbers3, 5, 14, 18, 25
Lucky dayMonday
Most compatible withTaurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces
Motto“I feel, therefore I am.”
EmbraceSelf-improvement, dedication, your instincts
AvoidAnger, playing with the feelings of others, vindictiveness
Career path idealsArtist, designer, architect, scientist, writer, digital artist, inventor, performance artist, marketer, lawyer, consultant, doctor, holistic healer, teacher, therapist, nurse, nutritionist, hospitality personnel, archeologist, (personable) salesperson

Born between June 21, the summer solstice, and July 23, your sign is Cancer, or the Crab. Transliterated from the Greek, your sign’s name is Karkinos, which is the name of the giant crab that came to aid the Hydra in battle against Heracles at Lerna, a figure in Greek mythology.

The Crab is the fourth astrological sign of the zodiac, based on the constellation of Cancer. Visible in spring in North America, the constellation is located between Leo (Lion) and Gemini (the twins). Looking a bit like a faint, upside down Y, Cancer is nearly impossible to see without a telescope because it is dim.

However, your personality is anything but dim if you’re a Cancerian (the name often given to Cancers to dissociate from the disease of the same name). You’re creative, emotionally energetic, loyal, and bright and those are part of why you are so well-loved.

The Decans of Cancer

zodiac signs
People born under the sign of Cancer are intuitive, sensitive, and loyal.


Every astrological sign is broken into three decans. For Cancerians, Decan 1 is between June 21 and July 1, Decan 2 between July 2 and July 12, and Decan 3 between July 13 and July 22. Since you were born on July 7, you belong to Cancer Decan 2.

Born from July 2 to July 12: Cancer Decan 2

Scorpios, Pisces, and Cancerians all belong to the water sign trigon. Cancer belongs to the family of Neptune and the exultation of Jupiter, under the ruling planet of the Moon. Often, this results in Cancerians calling themselves moon children. Both the Roman goddess, Luna, and the Greek goddess, Diana, are associated with Cancer.

As a Cancer Decan 2, your dominant planet rule is Pluto, leading you into the more outgoing personality and style sides of Cancerians. Loyalty is not a word but a way of life for you, while creativity and emotional expressiveness make up much of your existence. Don’t be afraid to embrace your sentimentality and emotionality – they are some of your greatest strengths and encourage others to love you as deeply as you love them.

In Cancer Decan 2, seeking your own positive potential is an important pursuit for yourself and it will bring along others with you into the joy of creativity, curiosity, and a flexible lifestyle.

Challenges as a Cancer Decan 2

Life is full of challenges, however, even when you’re as bright and beautiful as a Cancer Decan 2. Often, your coping mechanisms for challenging moments, losses, and defeats mean you’ll retreat away from others. It likely won’t take long, though, to be drawn out again, for you resilience is one of your strongest suits. This resilience will help you cope more quickly, even though you still deeply feel your losses and failures.

The key with your resilience is to allow those around you to be less resilient than you are. Live into your strengths of compassion and kindness, caring for those around you without requiring them to be “okay”.

Ruling Planets for July 7 Zodiac

Detail of a full Moon
The Moon rules Cancerians.


The summer solstice begins the time of the Cancer, on June 21, the longest day of the year. Your sign is a northern sign, opposite Capricorns, and your ruling planet is the Moon. However, Neptune, Pluto, or Saturn come into alignment with other Decans within Cancer.

Most often, Decan 2 Cancers are strongly influences by Pluto, explaining that near-constant struggle you have between your emotions and your reasoning. This is normal and helps to encourage a more balanced perspective in your life. Embrace the chaos of this and allow both to guide you.

The need for relational security may also be a strong pull for you, leaving you with a sense of incompleteness whenever you are not in committed, intimate relationships, whether romantic or friendship.

July 7 Zodiac Personality Traits

Man in blue shirt holds image of the Zodiac signs in his hands
People born under the Cancer sign are compassionate. They make good friends and enjoy activities like cooking, gardening, art, or music.


If your friends were to describe you, there are probably four traits they would list: creative, compassionate, emotional, attractive, and charming. On the flip-side, folks who are jealous of you are more likely to describe you as moody or crabby, overly sensitive, vain, or ostentatious.

These traits may have both positive and negative effects on your relationships, depending on how healthy you and your relationships are, as well as what kind of career path you have chosen and lifestyle you lead.

Creativity is a Way of Life

You will thrive in a life filled with creative activities and beauty. Whether you engage in hobbies that explore this creative side of you or you make a living in a creative field, you won’t feel truly satisfied unless you’re expressing yourself.

Attractive and Charming is Your Name

Whether you look like Ashton Sanders or Florence Pugh, chances are, folks describe you often as an attractive individual. The charm you exude doesn’t hurt this reputation, and often helps you finding a partner easily.

Quick Decisions Are Easy

Most often, Cancerians are decisive persons able to make intelligent decisions on the fly. This is part of your charm and helps land you in leadership roles more often than not.

You Get Bored Easily

Your creative soul and adventurous spirit don’t allow you to stay put for too long. Your passionate nature and curiosity lead you from one project to the next, often with many small projects running simultaneously. This is because you’re so deeply creative and curious that you can’t keep still for long and these many projects help you focus and find productivity – you’re going to skip the meaningless tasks, though, which may cause some issues at work if you’re in the wrong career.

You Shine Brightly and Attract Conflict

Because of your emotional spirit, you are likely the person thought of as the point of conflict among intellectually-based folks. Your passion, care for others, intense loyalty, and creative, adventurous spirit may appear flippant or oppositional to others. To help avoid unnecessary conflict, listen with your reasoning side and let the emotions take a back seat, remembering that the perspectives of others are equally valid to them as yours are to you.

Financial Stability Isn’t Likely A Descriptor

Your passionate nature, the many projects you have going on, and the quick decisions you make likely mean you’re not guaranteed financial security. This is because of that component of you that bores easily and can’t stand meaningless work. To help avoid this problem, seek a profession in creative work, with autonomy and trustworthy leadership.

July 7 Zodiac Compatibility

Hands man and woman holding glasses of wine having romantic candlelight dinner at table at home. Hands man and woman holding glass of wine. Concept of Valentine's day or Candlelight date at night.
Your personality impacts your ideal match.

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Aries – Could Be Problematic

When it comes to Aries, Cancerians often find themselves in conflict. Both personalities are big-picture thinkers when it comes to initiation and often need hand-holding or encouragement to stick with it on the follow-through aspects of relationships and projects. Both of you will likely thrive in partnership in a leadership way, as long as the competitive side of the Aries doesn’t come out and wind up mowing over your sensibilities as a caring, person-focused individual. If you can respect each other’s emotional process, though, you can make things work – just be sure to engage in self-awareness and active listening.

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces – Ideal Matches


Being two signs apart from each other, Cancerians and Taurus are often ideally matched in a friendly, easy-going relationship, whatever kind it may be. Together, you’re the couple or friend pair everyone “oohs” and “ahhs” over because of the organic pairing between you. The steady pace of the Taurus personality harmonizes well with your generous, creative spirit, with the innate nurturing of both parties building each other up. Your favorite sense-based experiences will likely align (you might both be foodies, for example), and you’ll find yourself able to connect intimately both emotionally and physically in ways that satisfy both your needs.


Virgos and Cancerians find themselves two signs apart and in harmony with each other through their common sensitivity, service-orientation in relationships, and big hearts full of dreams. You can see and know each other deeply while working together or separately toward your big dreams.


Scorpios and Cancerians belong to the water trigon, leading you into a well-matched, low-key, positive match. You’re both intuitive, sensitive, and deeply empathetic toward one another, and you’re not afraid to face your feelings head-on.


With Capricorns, Cancerians find balance in many cases. Capricorns are a bit opposite to Cancerians, with pragmatic viewpoints, but this leads to a healthy life together with both reason and emotion leading the way without severe conflict as it may arise in other relationships. Your shared loyalty will help you work through issues as you genuinely listen to one another.


Deeply spiritual and artistic, Pisces are ideal mates for Cancerians because of the “knowing” factor found in mutuality between you. The emotions, creativity, and empathy of both will work together to help form a healthy, happy relationship that’s filled with passion, while the decisiveness of the Cancerian will balance out the indecisive nature of the Pisces.

Gemini & Libra – Keep it to the Friend Zone

Cancerians and Gemini are only one sign apart, meaning you’ll likely have some friction between you. Gemini tends to be cerebrally-based, while you are more seated in your emotions. This binary can work well in friendships but often becomes challenging for romantic partners.

Libras are three signs away from Cancerians, and challenges may arise. Both cardinal signs thrive in companionable relationships, but Libras live in their heads more when it comes to romance, which may leave Cancerians feeling unwanted and invisible. It’s best to keep things in the friend zone with Libras for this reason, unless you are remarkably well-suited otherwise and have that existing trust and ability to speak easily with each other about emotional conflicts.

Fellow Cancerians – Love is in the Air

Literally, two Cancerians will find so much love between them that it may seem overwhelming to others. You’re both going to be exceptionally intuitive and emotive with one another, so you’ll be able to take care of each other emotionally, prioritizing each other over tasks. Your loyalty will also keep you mindful of each other’s flaws, unless you’re unhealthy. Then it may become a little too unrealistic in thinking the other is perfect. If you match with another Cancerian, be sure to have space and time away from each other to help prevent drowning in each other’s emotions all the time.

Leo – Could Go Either Way

Similar to Gemini, Leos are just one sign apart from Cancerians, and so frequent bumpiness may arise in your relationships. Leos love attention, which may cause conflict in your own personal endeavors, stealing away spotlight from your efforts and leaving you feeling unseen and unknown. However, if you maintain a healthy relationship, the perpetual optimism of the Leo may help elevate your moon-ruled soul, and your deep loyalty could help fulfill the Leo’s need to be seen.

Sagittarius & Aquarius: Poorly Matched

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius matched with Cancerians will likely lead to issues, as the conflicts will arise nearly constantly between you. Aquarius are often cool and aloof, even distant and future-minded, leading to emotional conflict for Cancerians who tend to be in the here and now and looking for deep connections. Sagittarius are deeply loyal like Cancerians, but often get into their heads too much and become both insensitive to the highly emotional Cancerian and preachy about the conflicts between you.

Relationship Strengths and Weaknesses

man and woman comforting each other, holding hands
Your emotional strength is one of your greatest relational assets.


Deeply impacted by all relationships, whether familial, friendly, or romantic, your personality is key to understanding your strengths and weaknesses in relationships.

Emotional and Expressive

Cancerians wear their hearts on their sleeves in most situations and find it difficult to live into the societal ideal of “emotional stability.” This isn’t because your emotions are unstable, but rather because your emotions lead the way in your expressions.

Chances are that your emotions work themselves out fairly quickly through your creative and personal expressions (that resilience comes into play here!). Others may be behind and unable to cope with your fast paces through emotions to healing or stability, but don’t let that discourage you. Instead, acknowledge their journey and compassionately wait for them to catch up with you.

Deep Connections and Loyalty Required

For your relationships to thrive, you need connection and loyalty, which are built through trustworthiness and acceptance of you. Shallow relationships will rarely satisfy you, so seek partners who will hear, see, and know you, even if they don’t fully understand you. Invest in those relationship worthy of your intense loyalty to avoid a sense of betrayal that shallower relationships may produce.

Protective and Caring Through Intuition

When you’re healthy emotionally, your intuition is able to lead you to your best self. This means you’re able to care for others with compassion without overdoing it and helps you use your protective sense of loyalty to the advantage of your relationship and the other person’s well-being. When unhealthy, your protectiveness and loyalty may be seen as smothering or jealousy.

Career and Passions for July 7 Zodiac

pop art - hands over typewriter in unusual style, the creative process
Cancerians thrive in creative work and careers that allow for creative thinking, independence, and flexibility.


Your expressive, compassionate nature suits you exceptionally well to certain career paths. It’s best to pursue roles in which you can openly express yourself through creative means, have some autonomy, and generally someone else calling the big shots so you can focus on all those smaller projects.

Careers to consider as a Cancerian:

  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Digital artist
  • Performance artist
  • Holistic healer
  • Consultant
  • Therapist
  • Inventor
  • Architect
  • Scientist
  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Marketer
  • Lawyer
  • Nutritionist
  • Hospitality personnel
  • Archeologist
  • Personable salesperson, such as in real estate

Careers to Avoid as a Cancerian:

Of course, these wonderful traits about you also mean there are certain roles that will lead you down discouraging paths and a sense of discontentment. These may include career paths such as:

  • Judge
  • Military personnel
  • Stockbroker
  • Butcher
  • Gambler
  • Politician
  • Prison personnel
  • Insurance salesperson
  • Hard seller, such as in car sales

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Like the crab, people born under the Cancer zodiac sign are intuitively guided by emotion yet tough enough to protect themselves from harm.
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