Kayaker Forced to Fight Off a Hammerhead Repeatedly After Attacks

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: August 9, 2022
© HakBak/Shutterstock.com
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This video opens as the kayak fisherman adjusts his camera. He places it on his head and starts paddling on his bright yellow kayak.

It’s a clear sunny day and the water is a deep blue. There is a fishing pole connected to his kayak off to his right and you can see land off in the distance.

The waters are relatively calm as he keeps paddling. The camera pans with the man’s vision as he looks around. Suddenly, he notices a hammerhead shark coming in fast just behind him.

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The man uses his paddle to scare the shark away, but the shark has other plans. It circles away from him and you can see its fin just above the water as it comes in with incredible speed again to attack the man.

The man is forced, once again, to use his paddle in defense. The shark swims underneath the kayak, comes up on the other side, and the man hits the hammerhead shark on its back to get away from him.

The shark continues aggressively attacking the man’s kayak, bumping it as the man continues defending himself. The shark keeps circling the kayak, swimming beneath it and right around it.

You can hear the man’s hurried breathing as he continues defending himself against the shark. As if completely unfazed by the man’s paddle, the shark remains steadfast.

The man removes the camera from his head and begins to film himself talking to the camera. He exclaims, “It’s not leaving! It’s still here. This is…” He trails off. He’s visibly upset and confused by the shark’s behavior.

He places the camera back onto his head and keeps a lookout for the shark, which remains in the same vicinity. The man reaches for his fishing pole and begins reeling as he spots the hammerhead shark once again circling his kayak.

He starts paddling away from that area with the shark in tow. You can hear him saying “He does not like me at all!” The shark seems to be escorting him away and the man is choosing to take the hint.

It continues following him as he paddles away for several minutes and gets closer to shore. When he realizes he’s safer, the man looks into the camera and expresses both his relief and surprise.

With the adrenaline still pumping through him, the man says “I just beat up a shark! How was your day?” He keeps looking back and notices that the shark is still there, although maintaining some distance.

Surprisingly, the shark persists, and the man picks up speed. He has to use his paddle a few more times to keep the hammerhead shark from bumping his kayak.

The man finally makes it to shore and drags his kayak in across the sand. The beach is unoccupied, and the video closes as small waves lap up onto the shore. He makes a final appearance on camera, throws up a peace sign, and says “Peace out, everybody!”

Kayak fisherman gets much more than he bargained for.

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