Killer Whales Are Such Predators They Even Hunt Moose…Yes, Moose

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: November 8, 2023
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If this title captures your attention, we can guarantee you that this video will entice you even more. Who would have thought a killer whale could hunt moose? Let’s find out!

Killer Whales Sighting 

This video posted below takes us to the ocean, where this wild animal enthusiast captured great footage of killer whales. This video was created and shared by the BioArk YouTube page. This channel is dedicated to offering quality educational videos on animals and biology. They have garnered more than seven million views across all of their videos. And this specific video has received more than one million alone! They share a short description of what happened in this video below. 

“Orcas are ferocious predators, but how the heck do they eat moose? How does that even happen? Well… watch this video to find out.”

Check Out The Incredible Video Below!

Killer Whales Vs. Moose

At the start of this video, we see giant killer whales, otherwise known as orcas, swimming, and the narrator is sharing that they are one of the top apex predators of the waters. “This means that they have no natural predators.” He then comically adds, “Well, except for motorboats and SeaWorld.” 

About four minutes into this educational video clip, the narrator gets on to talking about moose. And he shares how good of swimmers that moose are. They can travel up to powerful speeds of 5 miles per hour in the water. You might not think that is fast but think about the last time you were in the beach water, and you suddenly tried to walk fast to get back up to the shore for lunchtime. It’s not very easy now, is it?

Rain Date - A bull moose wades through the water in search of a cow moose during the fall mating season in the rain. Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine.

Moose go in the water to cool off.

©Richard Seeley/

Not only can moose swim fast, but the narrator shares that moose’s nostrils act as a type of blow hole, like dolphins, and they close them shut when they dive down deep for vegetation.

Orcas are assumed to attack moose off the coasts of Canada and Alaska in the Pacific Ocean. The narrator shares that “moose carcasses have been found off the coast of Vancouver.” And that their bodies were consistent with orca bites. 

What Do Killer Whales Eat?

As you probably already guessed, yes, killer whales are carnivorous eaters. This means that they eat meat. However, just because they are carnivorous doesn’t mean that they won’t also eat plant matter. More often than not, animals who are labeled carnivores are more like omnivorous eaters that will eat both plant matter and meat.

Killer whales (Orcinus orca) live in pods and often hunt together. They prey on animals such as fish, seals, and squid. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Monika Wieland Shields/

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