King of The Jungle No More, These Buffalo Simply Destroy a Lion

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: January 5, 2023
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Lions are referred to as the king of the jungle. However, it’s important to remember that no king rules forever. Individual lions may bite off more than they can chew and find themselves stranded behind enemy lines. Sometimes, entire prides can get wiped out by other lion coalitions.

In this video, a single lion is stranded in the midst of a herd of cape buffalo. Although lions usually hunt buffalo, the herbivores turn the tables on this lone lion. The video is titled “Buffaloes Trample Old Lion | Buffaloes Attack Lion,” and that’s precisely what the video showcases. It’s clear that the video has been sped up, but we don’t know why. Perhaps it was used for the shorter video format or to highlight the brutality of the fight.  

The video starts with the lion deposed, king of the jungle no more. The male lies on the ground, breathing heavily, while the buffalos sniff around the fallen creature. One buffalo gets close to the lion and is met with a low growl. The buffalos seem to notice that the lion is too injured to fight back.

The massive mammal decides to use its horns to hurt the lion some more. Before the buffalo can land a serious blow, the lion swats its face with a paw. A powder keg has been lit.

The King of the Jungle Fights a Desperate Battle

Lion roaring with a blue sky as background
Can a sole lion survive an entire herd of buffalos? Watch the video to find out!

©Henrico Muller/

The old lion didn’t make it this long by simple chance. The creature seems to know that being low to the ground is the safest place as it tries to build up its strength to escape. The buffalo goes for the lion again, but the big cat grabs the buffalo’s head. The first buffalo pulls back to escape while another lowers its horns and drives them upward, lifting the lion into the air.

While visibly injured, the king of the jungle retaliates by avoiding the goring, grabbing the buffalo by the head, and delivering a ferocious bite to its neck. The buffalo delivers a headbutt to the lion’s chin before running. The lion sees an opening and runs, but another buffalo cuts him off.

Another buffalo joins the charge, rolling the lion over and leaving it on the ground. That’s where the short version of the video stops. However, the full version shows much more. The old lion lies down once again. The beast is trying to stay out of sight of the buffalos while waiting for the crowd to disperse. The old lion takes refuge behind a small tree, hoping the concealment offers protection.

Fortunately, none of the other buffalo are willing to throw themselves at the tree to harm the lion, or they lose sight of it. Minutes later, the rest of the pride of lions show up, and the old lion lies down to rest without the threat of death. We don’t know what happened to the lion. The old lion was injured before this video, so it probably didn’t last much longer after encountering the buffalos. Still, the old lion had one last good fight before it went!

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Male Lion Growling
Lions primarily catch gazelle, zebra, and warthog along with a number of antelope species by following the herds across the open grasslands.
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