Leopard Gecko Names: The Complete List

Written by Hailey Pruett
Updated: November 3, 2022
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One of the first decisions you’ll make for your new pet leopard gecko is its name! Sure, they don’t quite recognize their names in the same way cats and dogs do, but choosing an appropriate moniker for your scaly friend is a fun way to bond with them and show them off to your friends and family. If you’re not sure what to name your new pet, check out our complete list of leopard gecko names below!

From pop culture names to more historical names and more, we’ve compiled a list of great options for geckos of all colors, personalities, and sizes. Read on for all kinds of awesome names arranged into several unique categories!

Male Leopard Gecko Names

Look to your gecko’s color, morph, personality, and general appearance for name ideas!

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If you’ve determined your gecko is a male, why not try one of the following names on for size?

  • Axel – this rough and edgy name is perfect for a tough, cool gecko!
  • Bo – a short, simple name of Norse origin, meaning “to live” 
  • Brutus – a name meaning “heavy” or “masculine” in Latin; great for very large geckos
  • Cecil – a male name of English origin, meaning “blind;” perfect for special geckos missing an eye or those with special needs due to a vision impairment
  • Clive – an old English name, meaning “cliff” or “living near a cliff”
  • Damien – comes from the Greek word, “Damianos,” which means “to conquer”
  • Dante – an Italian name meaning “enduring;” can also be a reference to famous Italian author, Dante Alighieri
  • Ezra – a Hebrew name meaning “help”
  • Ellis – a name of Welsh origin, meaning “benevolent” or “kind;” great for friendly, docile geckos
  • Finn – of Irish origin, meaning “fair” or “white”
  • Frank – short for “Francis,” meaning “Frenchman” or “free”
  • Herbert – a Germanic name, meaning “noble warrior”
  • Jasper – a Persian name, meaning “treasurer”
  • Levi – a name with Biblical roots, meaning “united” or “joined in harmony”
  • Leonard – a name meaning “lion strength” or “lion hearted;” can be shortened to Leo
  • Nico – a Greek name meaning “people of victory” or “victorious”
  • Percy – short for “Percival”
  • Quentin – a Latin name derived from the word “quintus,” meaning “fifth”
  • Raider – of English origin, meaning “born in the storm”
  • Titan – a Greek name meaning “defender;” great for a lizard who’s large and in charge!

Female Leopard Gecko Names

You can accurately determine a leopard gecko’s sex by the time they are around four months old.

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Is your gecko a female? Here are some lovely feminine names perfect for a girl leopard gecko!

  • Aria – means “melody” or “song” in Italian; ideal if your gecko is on the chatty side
  • Bella – an Italian name meaning “lovely” or “beautiful”
  • Calliope – a Greek name meaning “beautiful voice;” another perfect name for geckos who love to vocalize!
  • Daisy – a sweet, simple, floral name of Old English origin
  • Ellie – usually short for either “Eleanor” or “Ellen;” Greek name meaning “shining light” or “shining one”
  • Flora – a Latin name meaning “flower”
  • Gwen – a name of Welsh origin meaning “white” or “holy;” usually short for “Gwendolyn” or “Guinevere”
  • Giselle – a French name meaning “pledge”
  • Hazel – of English origin, derived from the word “hazelnut”
  • Jolie – a French name meaning “pretty” or “beautiful”
  • Jade – a name derived from the green gemstone of the same name
  • Lila – of Arabic and Persian origin, meaning “night”
  • Mabel – an English name with Latin origins, meaning “dear” or “lovable”
  • Nova – a Latin name meaning “new,” from the word “novus”
  • Ophelia – derived from the ancient Greek work “opheleia,” meaing “aid” or “benefit”
  • Ruby – comes from the stunning red gemstone of the same name
  • Stella – of Latin origin, meaning “star”
  • Sage – a Latin name meaning “wise”
  • Vera – a name of Slavic origin, meaning “faith”
  • Violet – of Latin origin, meaning “purple”

Historical Leopard Gecko Names

A unique gecko like this one deserves a unique name!

©iStock.com/Vladimir Dyavhkov

Are you a history buff? Try one of these names of historical origin for your scaly pal.

  • Abe – short for Abraham, a reference to Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th president who famously abolished slavery
  • Albert – as in Albert Einstein, perhaps the most famous physicist to ever live
  • Apollo – the Greek god of music, art, healing, light, and many more
  • Audrey – after Audrey Hepburn, the iconic actress
  • Augustus – last name of Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor
  • Cleopatra – Egypt’s last and possibly most famous ruler; can be shortened to “Cleo”
  • Galileo – 15th century astronomer and physicist
  • Houdini – a reference to Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous magician; great for geckos who are escape artists!
  • Joan – as in Joan of Arc, who led the French army during the Hundred Years’ War and was burned at the stake at only 19 years old
  • Marie – for either Marie Curie or, alternatively, Marie Antoinette
  • Napoleon – as in Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military leader
  • Neil – referencing Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon
  • Orion – a figure in Greek mythology; Zeus placed him amongst the stars as a constellation
  • Pablo – as in Pablo Picasso, the legendary cubist painter and sculptor
  • Poe – a reference to poet Edgar Allen Poe
  • Ramses – an Egyptian name meaning “son of God;” also the name of several kings in Ancient Egypt
  • Rosa – a reference to Rosa Parks, a key activist in the civil rights movement
  • Ruth – a reference to the iconic, unstoppable lawyer and Supreme Court justice (RIP)
  • Tesla – after Nikola Tesla, famous mechanical engineer and inventor of the Tesla coil

Pop Culture-Inspired Leopard Gecko Names

Perhaps a pop culture-inspired name would suit a mischievous gecko like this one!

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Movies, video games, television, and more–here are some reptilian-sounding names that come from pop culture! Perhaps one of these options will suit your new pet?

  • Alphys – the loveable reptilian scientist from Undertale
  • Barney – a reference to every kid’s favorite purple dinosaur
  • Bowser – also known as King Koopa from the Mario series
  • Charizard – one of the most famous Pokemon, aside from perhaps Pikachu himself!
  • Draco – as in Draco Malfoy, a key antagonist from the Harry Potter series
  • Geico – even though the Geico gecko is based on a day gecko, it’s a fun name for a leopard gecko, too!
  • Gex – the hip, smooth-talking gecko with his own titular video game series
  • Godzilla – interestingly, the “King of Monsters” is actually female! Still, this name is great for geckos of either gender.
  • Karma – sure, the song’s called “Karma Chameleon,” but we think it’s just as cute for a gecko!
  • Mushu – the sassy, loveable lizard–oops, we mean dragon–from Mulan
  • Nagini – Voldemort’s snake from the Harry Potter series
  • Pascal – as in Rapunzel’s pet lizard from Disney’s Tangled
  • Rango – the goofy chameleon voiced by Johnny Depp in the titular film
  • Reptar – the big, green dinosaur from the Rugrats series
  • Sauron – primary antagonist from Lord of the Rings, ruler of Mordor
  • Smaug – the fearsome dragon from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
  • Toothless – a reference to the solid black dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon series
  • Wally – as in Wally Gator, the classic cartoon character
  • Yoshi – Mario’s right-hand dinosaur from Nintendo’s most popular games of all time

Other Ways to Find Appropriate Gecko Names

Do not like these? Here are some ways in which you can find a name that suits you pet.

Take inspiration from ancient gods

Think Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Iris or even Medusa. There are lost of ancient civilizations to get inspired by, starting from Greek, Roman, Indian, Egyptian and even African. Although this may appeal to only a select group of people who are fond of mythologies and love to read up on it.

Never go wrong with you favorite characters

Everyone has a favorite character, be it books, movies or series. If you are truly inspired by it, even a simple name like Jerry can be significant. Whether you are a fan of Anakin or lean towards more classic Edward, there is no shortage of fictional heroes or baddies to choose from.

When in Doubt, Look Towards Your Ancestors

We have all found solace in family and why not the choose the same for your pet? After all being a pet parent means they are now a part of your family. Choose your favorite family name and add a second or a third to make it official that your pet is now your baby.

The Featured Image

These smiling geckos are showing off their unique colors and patterns made possible by selective breeding
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