Lion Pride Gets Their Thanksgiving Dinner Early With This Massive Nile Crocodile

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: November 24, 2023

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Hasty retreat, young male Lion panics at the sight of moving Crocodile
© Beate Wolter/

Lions are carnivores, which means they like to eat meat. And while they are known to hunt down zebras or gazelles, sometimes they aren’t as lucky and will feast on smaller animals. Lions will eat prey such as turtles, mice, lizards, hares, and birds. 

This type of prey could hardly be called a meal for the king of the jungle and not for an entire pride. However, in moments like the video posted above, they come across enormous animals like the Nile crocodile, and it’s like a Thanksgiving feast for them! Don’t miss the incredible action seen at the top.

Lion Pride Feeding in Africa

The video at the top of this blog post takes us to Africa. The Latest Sightings YouTube page posted this video five days ago, and has already received 86,000 views. They recently posted videos of animals such as vultures, lions, buffaloes, elephants, and bucks, to list a few. 

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Lion Pride Vs. Lone Nile Crocodile

At the start of this video posted at the top, we see a lion pride has already stalked this nile crocodile and has it in their grasp. We may think the hard part is over; however, the most challenging part has just begun. Even though this pride has around a dozen lions surrounding this Nile crocodile, taking it down will be an exhausting adventure for them.

According to Vanderbilt University, “Crocodiles and alligators are notorious for their thick skin and well-armored bodies.” Crocodiles are known to have thick enough skin on their hide that it can quickly stop bullets. So, we can only imagine how brutal this takedown must be. 

Notice how the lion at the top has a good grip on the head of this crocodile. They are trying to prevent this crocodile from moving around. Suddenly, at 43 seconds, we see the crocodile try one last effort and flip his body around/. However, this only proved to be one last hurrah for this crocodile as he is now in the perfect position for this lion pride to eat. 

Are Nile Crocodiles Larger Than Regular Crocodiles?

Nile crocodile attacking impala at edge of river, South Africa

Nile crocodiles are carnivores that feast on hippos, zebras, birds, and other crocodiles.

©JMx Images/

The Crocodylus acutus is what we would refer to as a “regular” crocodile. This crocodile is approximately 40-2,000 pounds and reaches anywhere from 5.5-23 feet in length. 

The Crocodylus niloticus is the Nile crocodile. This crocodile weighs between 500 and 1,650 pounds. They can also reach between 16-20 feet in length. 

The Nile crocodile would be considered to be the second largest of the crocodile species. The saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) would be regarded as the largest, according to the Guinness Book of World Records

Male lions weigh 550 pounds, and females are about half that size. Seeing these lions band together to attempt to take down a reptile this large is genuinely remarkable. 

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