Lion Regulates a Food Fight Between Wild Dogs and Scatters Them All

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: July 27, 2023
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The African wild dogs in this clip are probably regretting making such a noise as they were eating this carcass. Their squabbling has attracted the attention of a lion who decides that they are going to take over the prey! The lion is larger and even though it is outnumbered by the wild dogs it still takes possession of the prize. Scroll down to see the full extraordinary clip of a lion take over!

Do Wild Dogs Normally Hunt as a Pack?

African wild dogs are an endangered species that can be found in countries such as Namibia, Botswana, and parts of Swaziland. You are most likely to spot them in grasslands, open woodlands, and savannahs. They are very social animals who live in packs that can contain around 40 members. Some packs, however, are much smaller and may only contain seven dogs. The packs are led by an alpha male and an alpha female. Also, there are dominance hierarchies for all the males and all the females. The pack relies on everybody being put in their place. Nevertheless, it is unusual to see aggression between pack members and the noise that we heard here was probably more about excitement rather than falling out!

African wild dogs are cooperative hunters with the alpha male leading the way. The hunting method is to chase the prey until it is exhausted and then attack. They have been seen disemboweling prey whilst it was still running away! Once the stricken animal is on the ground, they will tear it to pieces. Whilst they will tolerate some animals sharing their kill, they drive off hyenas and have been seen killing them. Taking on a lion however is a bit ambitious!

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Wild dogs hunting

Wild dogs live in packs of up to 40 and hunt together.

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What Do African Wild Dogs normally Eat?

It is no surprise that the lion was attracted by the sound of the dogs because African wild dogs share many prey species with lions. Because they hunt as a pack, they are able to tackle animals that are about twice their weight. Therefore, you will see them catching small antelope species such as impala and bush duiker. They will also take on very young, old, sick, or injured larger animals including wildebeest and zebra.

Unlike the lion, African wild dogs do not scavenge carcasses from other species. If they haven’t caught it themselves, they do not want to eat it!

Watch the Fascinating Clip Below

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